LG SW 400 R

8"x40" Seawater | 9,000 GPD | 800 psi | 99.85% Rej | 400 ft2 | LG Chem RO Membrane

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LG SW 400 R
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LG Chem Nano H2O LG SW 400 R Seawater (SWRO) Reverse Osmosis Membrane

LG SW 400 R High Rejection membranes offer a combination of high rejection and low energy requirements to reduce the total cost of desalination; suitable for medium to high salinity seawater applications.

LG Chem’s NanoH2O™ seawater RO membranes, incorporated with innovative Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) technology, reduce the cost of desalination while delivering superior water quality. LG seawater RO membranes provide the highest salt rejection with high freshwater productivity.

Each LG SW 400 R membrane element is supplied with one membrane interconnector.

LG SW 400 R Compatibility Information 

LG SW 400 R Membrane Element can be used as a replacement for the below membrane elements in your existing water treatment equipment.   Please note that additional hardware or adapters may be required - refer to the pressure vessel and element drawings, or contact us to verify.

  • CSM RE8040-SHF400
  • FilmTec FORTILIFE XC70
  • FilmTec SW30XLE-400i
  • GE AE-400, 34
  • Hydranautics SWC5-LD
  • Lanxess RO S400 HF
  • Toray TM820R-400
  • Toray TM820V-400



Specifications for LG SW 400 R

LG Chem Product: LG SW 400 R
Size (Approximate): 8" Dia. x 40"L
Flow Rate: 9,000 gpd (34.1 lpd)
Applied Pressure: 800 psig (55 bar)
Stabilized Salt Rejection: 99.85%
Minimum Salt Rejection: 99.7%
Boron Rejection: 93%
Active Surface Area: 400 ft2  (37 m2)
Single Element Recovery: 8%
End Style: Standard Flush Cut
Exterior: Hard Shell Fiberglass
Feed Spacer: 34 mil
Membrane Type:  Thin Film Nanocomposite
Can Replace Elements:

CSM RE8040-SHF400
FilmTec SW30XLE-400i
GE AE-400, 34
Hydranautics SWC5-LD
Lanxess RO S400 HF
Toray TM820R-400
Toray TM820V-400
Spectra FT-MB-SW8x40
Katadyn FT-MB-SW8x40

Test Conditions : 32,000 ppm NaCl at 25°C (77°F), 800 psi (55 bar), pH 8, Recovery 8%. Permeate flows for individual elements may vary +/-15%

Product Specifications

Benefits & Features of LG Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membranes

LG RO Membranes are NSF Certified

  • Create Drinking Water from Seawater
  • Stabilized salt rejection of 99.85%
  • Boron Rejection up to 93%
  • Improved permeate quality without increasing operating pressure
  • Reduced energy cost without sacrificing the permeate quality
  • Reduced capital and operation costs for multi-pass SWRO systems
  • LG Chem NanoH2O™ RO membranes are Standard 61 certified by NSF international for the production of drinking water.

Markets & Applications for LG Chem Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Power Generation
  • Boiler feed for steam generation 
  • Cooling tower makeup water 
  • FGD process makeup water
  • Treatment of cooling tower blowdown
  • Condensate polishing
  • NOx cooling water
  • Desalting water Cooling tower makeup 
  • Treatment of cooling tower blowdown
  • Boiler feed for steam generation 
  • Condensate polishing
  • Paint booths 
  • Electrocoat and phosphatizing lines 
  • Machining coolant makeup 
  • Parts rinsing
  • Cleaning and etching agents 
  • Chip fabrication 
  • Rinsing 
  • Silicon wafer dicing 
  • Cooling 
  • Clean room humidification
Food & Beverage
  • Bottled water 
  • Syrup blending
  • Flavor production
  • Boiler feed for steam production
  • Dairy and cheese making 
  • Coffee and tea production

Physical Dimensions of LG Chem LG SW 400 R

LG Membranes 8" Elements Drawing
A 40 (1016)
B 7.9 (200)
C 1.125 (28.6)

LG SW 400 R fits nominal 8" ID pressure vessels.