20" Big Blue 3 Stage | Whole House Water Filter System Removes Heavy Metal Toxins, Sediment, Chlorine & Chemical Reduction

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AMI Water Filtration Products Whole House Water Filter System | 20" Big Blue Three-Stage Heavy Metals Water Filter with Carbon and Sediment Filters to Reduce Metals, Sediment, Chlorine, Chloramine, and Chemicals

Ideal for Chlorinated Water Supplies Including City Water where Metal Contaminants are a Concern


Applied Membranes Heavy Metals, Sediment & Carbon Whole House Water Filtration Systems are the ideal chose for homes using a chlorinated water supply, such as city water where heavy metals contamination are a concern. Stage 1 sediment filter removes dirt, rust, sand, dust, and other particles from the water down to 5 microns - protecting your plumbing & appliances and priming the water for the later stage filters. Next the water passes through Applied Membrane's advanced High Performance carbon filter which removes chlorine, chloramine as well as 100s of other chemical contaminants commonly found in tap water.  Lastly, the specially formulated Heavy Metals filter removes up to 99% of water-soluble metals including lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals.

Experience Clean, Great-Tasting Water from Every Tap in Your Home.  Our water filtration systems remove up to 99% of dissolved metal and chemical contaminants along with sediment, rust, dirt, silt, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, bad tastes and odors, and cloudiness giving you clear, freshly purified water from every faucet and protect your home's plumbing and appliances from sediment buildup.


System Specifications

AMI Part Number: FA-320BB-5CK-1
Number of Stages: 3 Stage
Filters Included:

5 Micron Sediment
HP Carbon Block
Heavy Metals
Housing Size: 20" Big Blue
In/Out Connections: 1" Female NPT
Maximum Flow Rate: 15 GPM*
Water Temperature Range 40º - 100ºF 
Maximum Incoming Pressure: 90 psi
Additional Equipment
In/Out Pressure Gauges
Filter Wrench

*Performance results may vary depending on feed water quality.

Whole House Water Filter System Installation Instructions

Whole House Filter Assembled in USADesigned, Assembled, and Quality Controlled in the USA using quality parts from USA and world-wide.

3 Stages of Powerful Water Filtration

Whole House Filter Stage 1 Sediment Filtration
5 Micron Sediment Filter

Removes Dirt, Rust, Sand, Dust, Silt, and other particles from water down to 5 microns. This protects your plumbing & appliances and extends the life of the carbon filters. The graded pore structure uses the entire depth of the filter - capturing larger particles in the outer layers and decreasing in size as it reaches the center. This maximizes the dirt holding capacity, giving more time between changeouts.

Whole House Water Filter Stage 2 Carbon Filter
HP Carbon Block Filter with Advanced Chemical Adsorption

Rated at >240,000 gallons for chlorine reduction, Applied Membranes high performance carbon filter absorbs chlorine and unpleasant tastes and odors from the water and corrects cloudiness (turbidity). Our advanced HP formulation also removes residual chlorine, chloramine, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, and 100s of other harmful chemical contaminants commonly found in tap water. Made with 100% coconut shell carbon.


Whole House Water Filter Stage 3 Heavy Metals Filter
Heavy Metals Removal Filter

Applied Membranes Heavy Metals Water Filter Removes up to 99% of Water-Soluble Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Chromium, and other dissolved metals from water. Our advanced filter media also controls Bacteria, Algae, Fungi & Scale.

Contaminants Removed

  • Heavy Metal Contaminants Removed: Water-Soluble Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Chromium and Other Dissolved Metals.
  • Chemical Contaminants Removed: Bad Tastes & Odors, Chlorine, Chlorine By-Products, Chloramine, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Industrial Solvents, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)
  • Sediment Contaminants Removed: Sediment, Dirt, Rust, Sand, Silt, and other suspended solids which can cause build-up and clogging.
  • Aesthetics: Removes bad flavors, removes bad odors, corrects cloudy water (turbidity). Provides crystal-clear great-tasting water.

Applied Membranes Whole House-System Features and Benefits

DIY Installation Whole House Water Filter
Fast and Simple DIY Installation & Worry-Free Maintenance

The most worry-free way to safeguard your home's water supply. Install the filter at your home's point-of-entry water line. Replace the filters when the pressure drop reaches 25 psi or higher. That's it.

The wall mountable system connects to standard USA plumbing with 1" NPT inlet and outlet. Includes a step-by-step installation and maintenance guide.


Whole House System with Pressure Gauges
In & Out Pressure Gauges

Take the guesswork out of maintenance and let you know when it is time to change the filters.
Whole House Water Filter with Standard Connections

Standard 1" Female Connections

Compatible with standard USA plumbing parts.
Whole House Water Filter for Wall Mount

Heavy Duty Steel Bracket

System is assembled onto a heavy-duty wall-mountable bracket with rust-proof powder coating.
Whole House Water Filter Low Maintenance

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Easy twist-off and drop-in filter changes. Standard sized cartridges for assured availability. Filter-wrench included for easier opening.

Purified Water to Benefit the Whole Home

Drinking Water From Every Tap
Purified Drinking Water from Every Tap

Removes Chlorine for Bathing
Shower without Harsh Chlorine

Pure Water for Better Cooking
Better, Healthier Cooking


Protect Plumbing from Sediment Buildup
Protect Plumbing from
Sediment Buildup

Remove Heavy Metals for Safer Drinking Water
Protect Your Family from Ingesting
Toxic Metals & Chemicals

Washing Machine Water Filter
Prolong the Life & Increase
Efficiency of Appliances

Replacement Whole House Filter Cartridges

Replacement Filter Pack:
Whole House Water Filter Replacements Carbon Sediment


Individual Filters (1 of Each in System)

5 Micron Sediment Filter for Physical Impurities: H-F20BB05CF
HP Carbon Block Filter with Advanced Chemical Reduction: H-F4220AC-HP
Heavy Metals Reduction Filter: C-C4220-K