Replacement Filter Kit for 5-Stage Home RO Water Filter Systems | 6-Month Service Pack

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AMI Brand Reverse Osmosis Systems for Home  

RFK-5 Replacement Filter Kit for Home RO Water FiltrationSystems

For use in 5 Stage Home RO Systems with 10" Standard Filter Housings
Semi-Annual Service Pack (Pre-and-Post Filters)

RFK-5 Replacement RO Filter Kit Includes:

  • (1) 10" Standard 5 Micron Sediment Filter (Stage 1)
  • (2) 10" Standard Carbon Block Filters (Stages 2 & 3) 
  • (1) In-Line Carbon Post Filter (Stage 5)
  • (2) Threaded-to-QC adapters for universal post filter connections
  • (1) Instruction Sheet with Replacement Reference Chart

This filter kit contains pre and post filters only (membrane not included) and is intended for the semi-annual filters change-outs (between membrane replacements) or if the membrane is purchased separately.

RFK-5  Replacement Filters for Home RO Water Filter System

Benefits of AMI Replacement Filter Packs for Home RO Systems

  • Replace filters and membrane regularly to experience the Highest Quality Water and Optimum Performance from your RO system.
  • New! Now includes Universal Post Filter Connections! Use QC adapters (included) for direct-connect to 1/4" tubing, or remove adapters for use with 1/4" threaded fittings.
    RFK-5  Replacement Filters for Home RO Water Filter System
  • Take the guess-work out of ordering your replacements.
  • Ordering Filters in Packs gives you Substantial Savings compared to ordering individually.
  • Includes 5 Micron Sediment Filter to Remove Dirt, Rust, and Sediment from water, as well as (2) Carbon Block Filters to remove chlorine, taste and odors, and (1) Final Carbon-GAC Polishing Filter to refresh the flavor of the water when being dispensed from the tank to the faucet.
  • Use with AMI AAA-1005, AAA-505, or any 5-stage Home RO with Standard Housings.

For maximum performance, it is recommended to change all filter cartridges and post filter every 6 months, but replacement schedules will vary with water quality. Membrane elements (sold separately) are recommended to be replaced yearly. 


For use in 5-Stage Home RO Systems

Replacement Filters for RO Water Filter System

Stage 1:

H-F1005CF - 5 Micron Sediment Filter
Stage 2:

H-F2510AC - Carbon Block Filter Cartridge
Stage 3:

H-F2510AC - Carbon Block Filter Cartridge
Stage 4:

Order Separately:  RO Membrane
Not included.
Stage 5:

H-F1032-43A - Inline Carbon Post Filter 

RFK-5  Replacement Filters for Home RO Water Filter System

Instructions for Replacing Filters in Home RO System

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Instructions to Replace Filters for Home RO Water Filter System