UV Lamp Replacement for AMI Pure-Plus, Sola Pure, and Ultimate Water Treatment Systems

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Replacement UV Lamp for AMI Home Water Treatment Systems

Compatible with AMI Pure Plus, AMI Sola Pure, and AMI Ultimate Home Water Treatment Systems

Applied Membranes ultraviolet lamps are rated for 5,000 hour operational lamp life* and have been extensively tested to ensure proper disinfection throughout the entire life of the lamp. AMI ultraviolet water treatment is proven to control bacteria, virus, and protozoa parasites in water including E. coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lamblia, Salmonella, Legionella, Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, Adenovirus, and more**.

UV-L11W replacement UV lamp is the direct replacement for use in AMI Pure Plus (HD-22PP), AMI Sola Pure (HD-35SP), and AMI Ultimate (HD-81UM) home water treatment systems.

* UV-L11W is used in AMI Home Water Treatment Systems which power the lamp only when the water is flowing, and power down the lamp when the water flow has stopped. This saves electricity and avoids water from overheating while the system is turned off. When the system is powered on, the UV lamp will start several seconds before the water flow to ensure that water in the chamber is sufficiently disinfected before being pushed on to the tank. 5,000 hour lamp life is sufficient to cover 1 year of usage assuming that the system is not producing water for more than 12 hours (approximately 40 gallons) per day. (Typical water production to keep the tank full under normal household use is under 5 hours, or 15 gallons per day.) For continuous 24-hour water production without use of a storage tank and auto-shutoff, it is recommended to replace the lamp every 6 months.

**Refer to UV Dose Chart for Details on 4-log destruction of specific pathogens.



UV Lamp Specifications

Model: UV-L11W
Replacement Frequency: Recommended Replacement Every 12 Months*
Lamp Life: 5,000 Operational Hours*,
12 month maximum
Replacement for: AMI Pure Plus HD-22PP
AMI Sola Pure HD-35SP
AMI Ultimate HD-81UM