Tank Pressure Controls for RO System | 110v 60Hz

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AMI Commercial RO Systems

Tank Pressure Controls for Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

AMI Tank Pressure Control RO System Add-On Kit enables automatic operation of a reverse osmosis system when used in conjunction with a pressurized storage tank (sold separately). The controller will sense when the tank is full and turn off the system, then monitor and resume water production when the tank reaches a preset low level.

AMI A620 Tank Pressure gauge is 110v 60hz (voltage must match the system voltage for proper operation).

Features and Benefits of AMI Tank Pressure Controls for RO System Operation

  • Automatic Operation of a Commercial RO System when Used in Conjunction with Pressure Tank (sold separately)
  • Manifold Assembly On a Wall Mount Bracket for Mounting Near RO System
  • Normally-Open Solenoid Valve Closes System Feedwater Supply wth the Tank is Full and Sends the Signal to to System Controller to Shut Off the RO System
  • Solenoid Valve Opens System Feedwater Supply when the Tank  falls Below a Predetermined Limit, and Sends the Signal to the System Contoller to Start the RO System
  • Solenoid Relief Valve to Prevent Damage to RO Due to Back Pressure
  • Adjustable Pressure Switch Factory Set to 40 psi - ON, 60 psi - OFF
  • In-and-Out Manual Isolation Valves for Service
  • 1.5-100 PSI Tank Pressure Gauge
  • For Use with 110v 60Hz RO Systems.



Tank Controls Specifications

AMI Part Number: A620
In/Out Connections: 1/2" Ball Valves
Solenoid Valve: Normally Open
Voltage: 110v, 60Hz
Adjustable:  Factory Preset 40psi ON, 60 psi OFF
Tank Pressure Gauge: 1.5 to 100 PSI
Controller Lead Wire: 5 Lead Wire 
Manifold Assembly Mounted on
Wall-Mountable Bracket
Pressure Tank:
(Sold Separately)
A612-40  40 Gallon Tank Assembly
A612-80 -80 Gallon Tank Assembly



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