Softening Filter Cartridge 10" Big Blue

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Water Softening Filter Cartridges

Water Softener Filter Cartridges for removal of minerals through an ion exchange process.  Used to prevent hard water scaling and staining, and to prolong the life of RO membranes if used for pretreatment to an RO System. 

Softening Cartridge Model Number:


For Filter Housing: 10" Big Blue
Softening Capacity: 2100 Grains of Hardness
Maximum Flow: 1.5 GPM

About Water Softening:

Hard Water contains dissolved minerals in the form of Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and Iron (Fe).  Removal of these minerals is accomplished by softening the water through an ion exchange process using water softener resin.  As the water flows through the mineral tank of the water softener, the dissolved minerals become attached to the resin, creating soft water. 


Advantages to Using a Water Softening Cartridge:

  • Higher Quality Drinking Water

  • Prevents Hard Water Scale

  • Prevents Staining on Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures as well as Dishes, Dishwasher, Washing Machine and Clothes

  • Significantly Reduces Soap and Cleaning Product Consumption

  • Provides Excellent Grooming & Cosmetic Benefits

  • Reduces Water Heating Costs

  • Prolongs the Life of Water Heaters, Icemakers, Dishwashers, Coffeemakers and Plumbing Fixtures.