RO Water Storage Tank | 4.4 Gallon | Bladder Tank | White

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AMI Components for Home RO System Water Filter Systems
AMI Water Storage Tank for Home RO System

AMI RO water storage tank is used in home reverse osmosis systems, including AMI AAA and AAA-RO Series Home RO Systems to store reverse osmosis water.  This tank may be used as a replacement or to upgrade the reserved water volume in most home RO systems.   AMI pre-pressurized storage tank has an approximate storage capacity of 3 gallons with a 1/4" MPT connection, and is equipped with a schrader valve for checking air pressure.  NSF tested and certified against ANSI/ NSF Standard 58 for material and structural integrity requirements.  

The bladder tank is used to store the RO product water and dispense the water to the faucet using air pressure within the tank.   When the tank bladder is full, the pressure is sensed by the system's shut-off valve (sold separately) to shut off the RO system by closing the feed line.  Water will remain in the bladder until the faucet is opened, the air pressure surrounding the bladder will force the water out of the storage tank and to the faucet. As water is used, the pressure will drop until the shut-off valve disengages, allowing feed water to the RO system to resume until the tank is refilled.

Tank valve and auto shut-off valves are sold separately.


RO Tank Specifications

Model: H-S4010ANW
Brand:  AMI
Total Volume: 4.4 Gallons (Including Air)
Water Capacity: 3.2 Gallons
System Connection:

1/4" MNPT Stainless Steel Threaded Fitting
Color: White
Bladder: Non-Removable Butyl Diaphragm
Tank Material: Metal with polypropylene liner
Dimensions: 11" Dia. x 14" H.
Mounting: Upright or Side
Operating Pressure: 100 psi (7.43 g/cm2)
Air Pressure Pre-Charge: 7 psi
Intended Use:

Home RO Systems Polishing Filter Inlet

Benefits and Features of Home RO Storage Tanks

  • Stores RO water until it is required
  • Pressurized air delivers water to the faucet or appliance
  • Works in conjunction with a diaphragm shut-off valve to automatically control the RO system
  • Polypropylene liner
  • Butyl diaphragm
  • Schrader Valve for checking air pressure
  • Plastic tank stand included
  • May be mounted upright or on its side
  • Easy to Install
  • NSF tested and certified against ANSI/ NSF Standard 58 for material and structural integrity requirements