Pentek PBH-410-1.5 | Bag Filter Housing for 10" Filter Bags | 1.5" NPT Connections

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Pentek Ametek Water Filters by Pentair Water    Pentek Ametek Water Filters by Pentair Water 
Pentek PBH Series Bag Filter Housings (Bag Vessels)
PBH-410-1.5 150338 Filter Housing for 10" Bag Filters with 1½" NPT Pipe Size

Outstanding Chemical Compatibility Ideal for Use in a Variety of Water Treatment Applications

Pentair Pentek 150338 Standard Bag Vessel Assemblies keep your system on stream longer by reducing bag filter change time. Pentek PBH-410-1.5 is made of lightweight corrosion resistant polypropylene to give you all the strength you need without the weight.  Pentek PBH-410-1.5 accepts a standard 4" × 8.25" filter bag (commonly referred to as a 10" filter bag).  Dimensions allow for 1" (25mm) overlap on the basket.

Install as a duplex system for totally uninterrupted flow rates. Pentek PBH-410-1.5 150338 Bag Vessels come complete with gauge, wrench, and 3/8" drain valve.  The single large ACME thread closure ensures quick opening and positive sealing.

Pentek filter bags are available in polypropylene felt, absolute-rated high efficiency polypropylene and nylon monofilament mesh, ideal for filtering and straining applications from 1 micron to 800 microns.  

Molded from rugged reinforced polypropylene, Pentek PBH-410-1.5 Bag Vessel Filter Housings offer outstanding chemical compatibility and are ideal for use in a variety of low-flow applications. These applications include residential prefiltration, food service, along with commercial and industrial applications for water filtration and chemical filtration. They are equipped with a black reinforced polypropylene cap.

Features and Benefits of Pentek 150338 PBH-410-1.5 Bag Filter Housings

  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant polypropylene construction gives you strength without weight
  • Comes complete with gauge, wrench and 3/8" drain valve
  • Light enough to be portable
  • Economically priced

Water Filtration Products Specifications


PBH-410-1.5 150338 Specifications

Model: PBH-410-1.5
Part #: 150338
Brand:  Pentek
Manufacturer: Pentair Water
Interchangeable With:

Ametek PBH-410-1.5
Ametek 150338
American Plumber PBH-410-1.5
American Plumber 150338
Pipe Size: 1½" NPT
Maximum Dimensions:

4.25" Dia. × 13.13" L
(334mm Dia. × 108mm L)
Initial ΔP @ Flow Rate:

1 psi @ 15 gpm
(0.07 bar @ 57 Lpm)
Color: Blue with Black Cap
Housing Material: Polypropylene
Cap Material: Polypropylene (HFPP)
Gauge Material: Bismuth brass (lead-free)
Vent Plug Material: Polypropylene
Drain Plug Material: High density polypropylene
Ball Valve Material:  PVC/Buna-N seals
Basket Material: Polypropylene
O-Ring Material:   Buna-N
Temperature Range: 40-100°F  (4.4-37.8°C)

PP Felt Filter Bags for 150338

1 Micron 10" Filter Bag: 155383-03 (BP410-1)
5 Micron 10" Filter Bag: 155385-03 (BP410-5)
10 Micron 10" Filter Bag: 155387-03 (BP410-10)
25 Micron 10" Filter Bag: 155389-03 (BP410-25)
50 Micron 10" Filter Bag: 155391-03 (BP410-50)
100 Micron 10" Filter Bag: 155393-03 (BP410-100)

Replacement  Parts for 150338

Replacement Big Blue Filter Wrench: 150296
Replacement O-Ring for PBH-410-1.5: 151122

Pentek PBH-410-1.5 150338 Bag Vessel Is compatible with Pentek, American Plumber, and Ametek 10" BP Series, BPHE Series, and BN Series Bag Filters and can be used with the following 10-inch bag filter models:

Pentek Bag Filter for Water Treatment Ametek American Plumber
  • Pentek, American Plumber & Ametek BPHE Series  Polypropylene Microfiber Bag Filters:
    • BPHE-410-1 (BPHE410-1, 255001-03)
    • BPHE-410-5 (BPHE410-5, 255003-03)
    • BPHE-410-10 (BPH410-10)
    • BPHE-410-25 (BPHE410-25, 255005-03)
    • BPHE-410-50 (BPHE410-50, 255006-03)
    • BPHE-410-75 (BPHE410-75)
    • BPHE-410-100 (BPHE410-100)
Pentek Bag Filter for Water Treatment Ametek American Plumber
  • Pentek, American Plumber & Ametek BN Series Nylon Monofilament Mesh Bag Filters: 
    • BN-410-50 (BN410-50, 255254-03)
    • BN-410-100 (BN410-100, 255009-03)
    • BN-410-150 (BN410-150, 255010-03)
    • BN-410-200 (BN410-200, 255011-03)
    • BN-410-250 (BN410-250, 255012-03)
    • BN-410-300 (BN410-300, 255013-03)
    • BN-410-400 (BN410-400, 255014-03)
    • BN-410-600 (BN410-600, 255015-03)
    • BN-410-800 (BN410-800, 255016-03)
Pentek Bag Filter for Water Treatment Ametek American Plumber