Housing for 3" Residential Membrane (Tankless RO)

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AMI Components for Home RO System Water Filter Systems
Membrane Housing for 3 Inch RO Elements (Tankless RO Membranes)

Designed for use with 3" Diameter x 12” Length tankless RO Membrane Elements, these high quality membrane housings offer reliable performance in your RO System. 1/4" Female IPS inlet and 1/8” Female IPS outlets are molded directly into the body and cap of the housing, ensuring a seamless, leak-free design.  Recommended for use with AMI 3" Home RO Membranes for Tankless RO Systems.

Included with 3" Membrane Housing:
 1.  Membrane Housing - body & cap with 2 o-rings installed
 2.  1/8"M x 1/4" QC elbow fittings - Installed in the permeate and brine ports (2 Included)
 3.  1/4"M x 1/4" QC elbow fitting - Installed in the feed port (1 Included)
 4.  Mounting clips for mounting housing to a bracket, wall, or other flat surface (2 Included)
 5.  Removable clips for adding an inline filter. (2 Included)
 6.  Membrane housing wrench to aid in membrane replacement (1 Included)

Housing for 3-Inch RO Membranes for Tankless RO System Membrane


3" Membrane Housing Specifications

AMI Part Number: PV3012C
For Membrane Sze: 3" x 12" (Tankless RO)
Approximate Dimensions: 4½"OD x 13"L
Feed (IN) Port:

1/4" Female IPS* with QC Elbow Installed
Permeate & Reject (OUT) Ports: 1/8" Female IPS* with QC Elbow Installed
Feed Port Configuration: Straight
Permeate/Rej. Port Config.: 90° Elbow
O-Ring: 2 Included
Color:  White
*Female IPS in and out ports will accomodate standard NPT male fittings when wrapped in teflon tape.

3" Membrane Elements:

M-T3012A 300 GPD RO Membrane Element
M-T3012A-500 500 GPD RO Membrane Element

Included With Housing:

Qty. 2 Membrane Housing Mounting Clip
Qty. 2 Inline Filter Clips
Qty. 1 1/4"M x 1/4" QC Feed Elbow, Installed 
Qty. 2 1/8"M x 1/4" QC Permeate/Brine Elbows, Installed
Qty. 1 Membrane Housing Wrench

Applications for 3 Inch Membrane Housings

  • In the Home for Drinking, Cooking, Pets, and Plants
  • Tankless RO Systems
  • Under the Counter/Under the Sink RO 
  • Point of use RO Systems
  • Offices
  • Aquariums
  • Institutions
  • Restaurants 
  • Ice Makers 
  • Labs