Dissolved Lead 4.5x10" | Lead Reducing Filter Cartridge for Whole House | For 10" Big Blue Housing

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Lead Reducing Whole House Water Filter for Dissolved Lead

4.5 x 10 Whole House Water Filter - Fits 10" Big Blue Filter Housing

Reduction of Dissolved Lead to Below 15 parts per billion, for 80,000 gallons

Protect your family and household from injesting toxic lead dissolved in your home's water supply. Applied Membranes specially formulated Dissolved Lead filter uses advanced ion exchange technology to remove dissolved lead and hardness from the water at a molecular level - treating up to 80,000 gallons @ feed concentration of up to 100 ppb lead. Pair this filter with our H-F4210AC-PB undissolved lead filter for a complete lead-and-chemical-reduction water treatment solution.

Applied Membranes 4.25" x 10" filter cartridge works in most whole-house water filtration systems, designed to fit industry-standard 10-inch Big Blue (#10 BB) Filter Housings. (Approximate outside dimensions of the filter housing are 7.5" OD x 13"L.)

 Benefits of Applied Membranes Lead Reduction Filters

  • Reduces dissolved lead in drinking water from up to 100 ppb to below 15 ppb.
  • Universal Fit - Compatible with 10" Big Blue (#10BB) Filter Housings

Risks of Lead in Drinking Water

EPA and the CDC agree that there is no known safe level of lead in a child's blood. Even low levels of lead can result in: behavior and learning problems, lower IQ, hyperactivity, slowed growth, hearing problems, anemia, cardiovascular effects, decreased kidney function, reproductive problems, and in rare cases: seizures, coma, and even death.
(Source: EPA.gov)


Lead Filter Specifications

Model: C-C4210-PB
Brand:  Applied Membranes, Inc.
Actual Cartridge Dimensions: 4.25" OD x 1.125" ID x 10"L
Fits Filter Housing: 20" Big Blue (#20 Big Blue)
For Housing Dimensions: 7.5"OD x 13"L (Approx.)
Dissolved Lead Reduction Capacity: 80,000 gal @ 100ppb