Iron Filter 4.5x10" | Iron & Manganese Reducing Filter Cartridge for Whole House | For 10" Big Blue Housing

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AMI Filters for RO System Water Filter Systems
Iron & Manganese Reducing Whole House Water Filter

4.5 x 10 Whole House Iron Filter - Fits 10" Big Blue Filter Housing

Iron Reduction from 3ppm to <0.01ppm, and Manganese Reduction from 1 to <0.01ppm

Protect your home's plumbing, fixtures and appliances from iron buildup and staining. Applied Membranes Iron & Manganese filter cartridge offers Iron Reduction from 3 to >0.01ppm and Manganese Reduction from 1 to >0.01ppm. Safe for drinking water applications, our Iron Filter cartridge treats up to 30,000 gallons of water with 3ppm Iron.

Applied Membranes 4.25" x 10" filter cartridge works in most whole-house water filtration systems, designed to fit industry-standard 10-inch Big Blue (#10 BB) Filter Housings. (Approximate outside dimensions of the filter housing are 7.5" OD x 13"L.)

Benefits of Applied Membranes Iron & Manganese Reduction Filters

  • Stop Iron Staining
  • Protect Home's Plumbing and Appliances from Iron & Manganese Build-Up

  • Iron Reduction from 3 to >0.01ppm a

  • Manganese Reduction from 1 to >0.01ppm.

  • Safe for drinking water applications.

  • Filters up to 30,000 gallons of water with 3ppm Iron.

  • Universal Fit - Compatible with 10" Big Blue (#10BB) Filter Housings


Iron Filter Specifications

Model: C-C4210-I
Brand:  Applied Membranes, Inc.
Actual Cartridge Dimensions: 4.25" OD x 1.125" ID x 10"L
Fits Filter Housing: 10" Big Blue (#10 Big Blue)
For Housing Dimensions: 7.5"OD x 13"L (Approx.)
Reduction Capacity: 30,000 gal @ 3ppm Iron
It is recommended to use this filter on a chlorinated water supply as the chlorine regenerates the media. If used in conjunction with carbon and/or sediment filters, the iron filter should be upstream.
Iron Manganese Filters Water Filters to Stop Iron Staining and Manganese Staining