Anti-Scale System for Tankless Water Heater and Whole-House Scale Protection

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AMI Water Filtration Products Anti-Scale Water Treatment System for Tankless Water Heater and Whole-House Scale Protection

20" Big Blue No-Scale Water Filter System


Applied Membranes No-Scale system provides excellent protection for your plumbing, fixtures, water heater, and other household appliances from scale buildup. Prevent scale formation to improve efficiency and prolong the life of you water heater, dish washer, washing machine, and other appliances. Our simple-to-install whole-house scale protection filters have 1” NPT in/out connections making it easy to connect to standard USA plumbing at your home’s main water supply. Minimal and worry-free maintenance with simple twist-off and drop-in filter changes every two years.

The fully assembled, ready to install anti-scale filtration system is supplied complete with:

  • 20" Big Blue Filter Housing with 1” Female NPT In/Out Connectors
  • 20” Big Blue Anti-Scale Filter Cartridge
  • Heavy Duty Steel Mounting Bracket
  • Inlet and outlet pressure gauges to monitor pressure drop.
  • Filter Wrench for Easier Filter Replacement

Whole House Filter Assembled in USADesigned, Assembled, and Quality Controlled in the USA using quality components sourced from USA and world-wide.


System Specifications

AMI Part Number: FA-120BB-S-1
Number of Stages: 1 Stage
Filters Included:

No-Scale Filter Cartridge
Housing Size: 20" Big Blue
In/Out Connections: 1" Female NPT
Service Flow Rate: 0.5 - 10 gpm
Capacity: up to 6gpm 24/7/365 for 2 years*
Water Temperature Range 40º - 100ºF 
Maximum Incoming Pressure: 90 psi
Approximate Dimensions: 29"H x 7.5"W x 7.5"D
Additional Equipment
In/Out Pressure Gauges
Filter Wrench
*Cartridge should be replaced every 2 years

Replacement Filter Cartridges

Antiscale Filter Cartridge: C-C4220-NS Qty. 1

Applied Membranes Whole House-System Features and Benefits

DIY Installation Whole House Water Filter
Fast and Simple DIY Installation & Worry-Free Maintenance

The most worry-free way to prevent scale-buildup. Install the filter at your home's point-of-entry water line. Replace the filter every 2 years. That's it.

The wall mountable system connects to standard USA plumbing with 1" NPT inlet and outlet. Includes a step-by-step installation and maintenance guide.


Whole House System with Pressure Gauges
In & Out Pressure Gauges

To monitor pressure drop..
Whole House Water Filter with Standard Connections

Standard 1" Female Connections

Compatible with standard USA plumbing parts.
Whole House Water Filter for Wall Mount

Heavy Duty Steel Bracket

System is assembled onto a heavy-duty wall-mountable bracket with rust-proof powder coating.
Whole House Water Filter Low Maintenance

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Easy twist-off and drop-in filter changes. Standard sized cartridges for assured availability. Filter-wrench included for easier opening.

  • Protect Your Home’s Plumbing and Appliances from damage due to scale buildup. Save money by improving the efficiency and extending the life of household appliances including washing machines, dishwasher, water heaters, and bath and plumbing fixtures.
  • Simple DIY Installation at Your Home’s Main Water Supply. Connects to standard USA plumbing with 1” NPT inlet and outlet. Includes a step-by-step installation and maintenance guide.
  • Space-Saving and Economical: Installed onto a heavy-duty steel bracket for wall-mounting, our No-Scale system is much smaller than a water softener, and requires no salt, no electricity, and no backwash or regeneration.
  • Minimum worry-free maintenance: Long-lasting No-Scale media is designed to last two years under proper operating conditions. Quick-and easy twist-off and drop-in filter changes. Filter wrench included for easier opening.
  • Excellent scale protection for tankless water heaters.