410867 O-Ring for VIQUA Sterilight Quartz Sleeve & Retaining Nut

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Brand Viqua Sterilight

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Genuine VIQUA Sterlight O-Ring for UV Lamp and Quartz Sleeve

VIQUA 410867 OR-212 O-Ring is used with many Sterilight quartz sleeves and retaining nut  RN-001.  VIQUA  410867 OR-212 is  the factory replacement o-ring for most sterilight models.

Always Use the Real Thing!

VIQUA replacement UV lamps are manufactured with high quality components to exacting specifications to ensure performance and safety. Using an ultraviolet lamps or components that were not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system introduces risk. While other replacement UV lamps and components may seem to fit a VIQUA system, its performance or safety simply can’t be guaranteed.  

With more than 35 years in the residential water treatment market, VIQUA has built a strong reputation for quality products. 

Authentic Viqua Lamp


Specifications for OR-212 410867

Viqua Part # 410867
Also known as: OR-212
Material: EPDM
Compatible With: Viqua Sterilight UV Systems Series:  SQ SSM, SC, SCM, SP, SPV, VT, VH, VP
Idenfification: Item #3 in the below diagram
Viqua Sterilight UV System Exploded Diagram