4"Dia.x21"L Stainless Steel Membrane Housing

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PVC Membrane Housing Pressure Vessels for RO Systems
4x21 Stainless Steel Membrane Housing Pressure Vessel for RO, NF, UF, MF Membranes

AMI 316 SS pressure vessels for housing 4" x21" membrane elements enhance system appearance and allow you to take full advantage of the membrane capability. Stainless steel membrane pressure vessels are considered safer and more reliable than PVC membrane pressure vessels.  Designed for direct connection to AMI/Applied Membranes and FILMTEC/DOW style elements. The U-Pin style end closures are designed for ease of installing and replacing membrane elements, and the ½" FNPT connections provide ease of connection with no special fittings required. Each membrane housing is individually inspected for quality assurance.

Each membrane housing is sold complete with End Plugs, U-Pins, Feed Plug, and O-Rings.  Mounting pads and straps are sold separately.


SS Membrane Housing Specifications

AMI Part Number: PV4021SSAU-316
For Membrane Size: 4" x 21"
For Membrane Type: AMI/Applied Membranes, DOW/FilmTec Style
Operating Pressure: 300 PSI (20 Bar) Maximum
Vessel Dimensions: 4" Dia. x 26" Length
(10.2 cm Dia. x 66 cm Length)
Connections: ½" FNPT Feed, Brine, and Product
Configuration: End Entry
End Closures: U-Pin
Materials: 316 Stainless Steel Body, PVC End Plugs, SS U-Pins

Replacement Components for 4x14 Stainless Steel Membrane Housings

PV4040PD1212 End Plug with ½" Brine x ½" Product Ports, with O-Rings
PV-RR40U U-Pin 
PV-OR40-342 O-Ring for End Plug - External
PV-OR40-210 O-Ring for End Plug - Internal
3850.005 ½"Plug for Permeate Port on Feed End
H-C111DC Lubricant for O-Rings,
DOW Corning 111, 5 Oz