20" Sediment Water Filter | 5 Micron Filtration Rating | String-Wound Filter

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String-Wound Sediment Filter Cartridges for Water Filtration

Filter Model Number:


Micron Filtration Rating:   

5 µ

Filter Diameter:


Filter Length: 20"

For Filter Housing:

20" Standard

AMI Sediment Filters remove dirt, sand, rust, grit, and other suspended matter from water. Offered in residential to commercial sizes, our sediment filter cartridges can be used with most standard filter housings and as replacements in existing systems or assemblies. AMI sediment filters can be used as pretreatment to residential and commercial RO systems or as a stand-alone whole-house filter to protect piping and appliances from damage and buildup of dirt.

Features and Benefits of AMI String-Wound Water Filters:

  • Enhanced Dirt-Holding Capacity and Extended Life
  • Free of Surfactants, Binders and Adhesives
  • Protect downstream equipment and appliances
  • Removes dirt, rust, sand, grit, and other suspended solids from water
  • Easy and safe cartridge incineration and disposal
  • Ideal for use as pre-treatment to a Home RO System
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