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AMI Carbon Water Filters Made in USA from 100% Coconut Shell Carbon

AMI Filters for RO System Water Filter Systems
Carbon Water Filter - Activated Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

10" Standard Carbon Filter for Chlorine, Taste, Color, and Odor Reduction

Removes 95% of Chlorine from 10,000 Gallons of Water @ 0.75 GPM

AMI Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges remove chlorine, organics, color, tannin, and objectionable tastes and odors from water.  AMI 2.5 x 10" filter cartridge is the industry-standard "10-inch Standard" size and will fit most standard 10-inch filter housings.

Made of Coconut Shell Carbon

ami carbon filters are made with 100% coconut shell carbonH-F2510AC Carbon filter is made with 100% carbon produced from coconut shells, a renewable and sustainable resource, offering superior chemical absorption compared to coal-based carbon filters.

Benefits of AMI Extruded Carbo​n GAC Filters

  • AMI Carbon Filters Significantly Reduce the Following Contaminants:
    • Chlorine
    • Chlorine By-Products - Trihalomethanes (THMs): A Group of organic chemicals suspected of being carcinogenic.
    • Bad Tastes & Odors
    • Turbidity (Cloudy Water)
    • Herbicides, Pesticides, & Insecticides
    • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs): Organic Chemicals that turn into vapor.
  • Universal Fit - Compatible with 10" Standard Filter Housings
  • Best Tasting Water - Highest Absorption of Bad Tastes & Odors for Clean, Fresh Flavor
  • Crystal Clear Ice & Water - Removes Color & Cloudiness
  • 10 Micron Filtration - No carbon fines
  • Eco-Friendly - Produced from renewable resources, using recycling programs and local sourcing

Carbon Filter Specifications

Model: H-F2510AC
Brand:  AMI 
Nominal Size: 10" Standard
Actual Cartridge Dimensions: 2.5" OD x 1.25" ID x 9.8"L
For Housing Dimensions: 4.5"OD x 11.4"L (Approx.)

10,000 Gallon Chlorine Reduction (>95%) @ 0.75 GPM
Flow Rate: 0.75 GPM (2.84 LPM)
Micron Rating: >98% @ 10 μ (10 Micron)
Initial ΔP: <2.0 psid @ 0.75 GPM
Carbon Type: Coconut Shell Carbon
Carbon Weight: 0.75 lb
End Caps:

Polypropylene End Caps with Compression Gaskets
Operating Temperature: 40-125°F  (4.5-51.5°C)
Max. Operating Pressure: 125 psig (8.6 bar)
Max. Differential Pressure: 100 psid (6.9 bar)
Collapse Pressure: 200 psid (13.8 bar)
Country of Manufacture: USA
AMI Carbon Filter Water Filtration Specifications

Key Features of AMI Carbon Block Filters

Made in USA 95% Chlorine Removal for 10,000 Gallons 100% Coconut Shell Carbon Backed by AMI Industry-Leading Expertise

Made in USA

AMI carbon block filters are designed, manufactured, and quality controlled in the united states. AMI carbon block water filters are produced in a WQA Certified Sustainable Facility.

Removes 95% of Chlorine from 10,000 Gallons of Water

AMI Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges remove chlorine, organics, color, tannin, and objectionable tastes and odors from water. Factory rated for 10,000 gallons of chlorine removal (95%) at 0.75 gpm flow rate.

100% Coconut Shell Carbon

AMI Carbon Block Filters are coal-free, made with 100% Coconut-Shell based carbon. Coconut shells are a renewable and sustainable resource, for a lower carbon footprint. Coconut Shell Carbon also offers the highest absorption of chlorine, chemicals, and bad tastes and odors for the best tasting water.

Backed by AMI Industry-Leading Expertise

All AMI Home Water products are supported by AMI Certified Water Quality Technicians. and are backed by AMI’s Satisfaction Policy that is Trusted by Major Corporations and Governments World-Wide

Will It Fit?   AMI Carbon Block Filter - 10 Inch Standard Compatability

The best way to check that the filter will work for your housing is to remove the old filter and measure it. Let’s start with length:

“10 Inch Standard” is the industry-standard name for this size filter.

The actual length of the cartridge is 9.75 inch.

9.75" Length Filter - 10" Standard

This filter can replace filters ranging from 2” to 2.85 OD. The outside diameter varies per filter type depending of the thickness or quantity of carbon around the core. This filter is 2.75” OD

The core, or inner diameter, is the critical dimension. This filter is 1.125" ID.

2.5" Diameter Carbon Filter 10" Standard

AMI Filters are designed to fit industry-standard “10 Inch Standard” filter housings. Most major filter housing brands, Home RO and whole-house filter manufacturers use these standard sizes.

The actual outside dimensions of these housings is 4 ½” OD x 11 ½” but will vary depending on the specific model.

Fits Standard 10" Housing

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AMI Carbon Block Filter for Chlorine Taste Odor Filter Water Filter

AMI Carbon Block Filter for Chlorine Taste Odor Filter Water Filter