1/4" Stem x 1/4" Male Threaded Stem Adapter | White Acetal | John Guest Quick Connect Fittings

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Brand John Guest

John Guest Fittings Quick Connect Push Fittings

John Guest Quick Connect Fittings - Male Stem Adapter

Plumbing Fittings for Home RO Systems

John Guest  CI050822W is a 1/4" male stem adapter with threaded fittings on one side and a stem post on the other.  John Guest CI050822W male stem adapter may be used to connect a threaded fixture such as a housing to a line with QC fittings installed.  

John Guest CI inch size fittings are manufactured in white acetal. With a food grade EPDM ‘O’ ring, they have been developed for the water industry but are equally suitable for other potable liquids. They are also recommended for intermittent hot water applications.  The CI Range is NOT suitable for compressed air and vacuum applications. For these situations we recommend the PI Range.

  • Push-fit technology
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • Food Quality and suitable for potable liquids and pure water applications
  • Not suitable for compressed air and vacuum applications

Accepted by almost all the world’s beer and beverage producers and by the manufacturers of drinks dispense equipment, John Guest products have quality and performance approvals from leading testing and acceptance authorities.
John Guest Fittings Accreditations

  Specifications for CI050822W
John Guest Part Number: CI050822W
Brand: JG Speedfit
Manufacturer: John Guest
Material: White Acetal
Stem Connection: 1/4" OD
Threaded Connection: 1/4" Male NPTF
Fitting Type: Straight
Color: White

NSF-61 For Drinking Water
NSF-51 For Food
FDA For Food And Beverage
Replaces Parts: F-4SA4QC 

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How to Connect John Guest Fittings

John Guest offers a wide range of push-fit connectors, tube and other fluid control products for drinks dispense and pure water applications. The world’s first food quality push-fit fitting, the John Guest range is now over 800 items strong and provides the quickest and most effective of installations with the quality assurance you would expect. Pushing the tube into the fitting is all that is needed to produce an instant but permanent leakproof connection. The fittings are just as easy to disconnect and re-use without the need for replacement parts. Our Beverage and Drinks Dispense products are produced in FDA compliant materials making them especially suitable for potable liquids.

Additional Resources for Using John Guest Fittings

How to Make a Secure Connection with John Guest Fittings

  • Cut the tube Square
    John Guest Fittings Tubing Connections
    Cut the tube square and remove burrs and sharp edges. Ensure the outside diameter is free of score marks. For soft or thin walled tube we recommend the use of a tube insert.
  • Push up to tube stop
    John Guest Fittings Tubing Connections
    Push the tube into the fitting, to the tube stop.

  • Pull to check secure
    John Guest Fittings Tubing Connections
    Pull on the tube to check it is secure. Test the system before use.

  • TO DISCONNECT:   Push in collet and remove tube
    John Guest Fittings Tubing Connections
    To disconnect, ensure the system is depressurized, push the collet square against the fitting. With the collet held in this position the tube can be removed.

Typical Bar Installation (click to enlarge & download)

Typical Bar Installation Using John Guest Fittings