Wall-Mount PreFilter or PostFilter Housing Assembly

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Wall-Mount Filter Cartridge Housing Assembly

To add additional pre-treatment or post-treatment to your Wall Mount Reverse Osmosis System

  • Includes Filter Housing, Mounting Bracket, Fittings, and Isolation Valves to close the line when changing the filter cartridge.
  • Filter Cartridges must be purchased separately.  Any 20" Big Blue sized filter cartridge may be installed.  Suggested pretreatment and post treatment filter cartridges are listed below.

Option Model Number:


For Systems:

All WM Series

Filter cartridges not included.   Suggested filters below must be ordered separately.  Enter the part number into the search bar on the top right of this page and add to your cart to order.

Pretreatment Options Available:
  • Sediment Filters in a variety of micron ratings -
    • 1 Micron:  H-F20BB01CF
    • 5 Micron:  H-F20BB05CF
    • 30 Micron:  155430-43 
    • 75/25 Micron Dual Rated:  155356-43
    • 100 Micron:  355226-43 
  • Scale Inhibitor Cartridges - Filter Model H-F4220SOFT. 
  • Block Carbon Filter Cartridges  Block Carbon filter cartridges produce no carbon fines. 
    • KX Brand:  32-425-125-20
Post-treatment Options Available:
  • Calcite Filter Cartridge to neutralize the pH of the RO permeate water - Filter Model H-F4220CALCITE 
  • DI Filter Cartridge with Mixed-Bed Deionization Resin for ultrapure applications - Filter Model:  H-F4220DI

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