RO Membrane & System Preservative Cartridge | 10" Big Blue Size

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RO Membrane Preservative RO System Preservative
RO Membrane and System Preservative Cartridge for 10-Inch Big Blue Housing

Preserve Watermakers, RO Systems & Membranes During Periods of Non-Operation

Model Number: C-C2510-A88
Cartridge Size (Nominal): 10-inch Big Blue
Cartridge Dimensions: 4.5" OD x 10"L
Fits Housing: 10 inch Big Blue (#10 BB) (Housing Outside Dimensions Approximately 7.5"OD x 12"L)
Description: Membrane Preservative for Thin Film RO, Seawater RO, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration Membranes and Water Treatment Systems
Brand:  Applied Membranes, Inc.

RO Membrane & System Preservative Cartridges 

Applied Membranes RO membrane preservative cartridges are pre-loaded with membrane preservative, which is specially formulated to preserve the RO membranes and system by preventing biological growth during periods of non operation.  To pickle an RO system or watermaker during an off-season, simply install the cartridge into the prefilter housing and flush the chemical into the system.

Applied Membranes Preservative Cartridges Benefits

  • Avoid the mess of mixing chemicals: Just drop our pre-loaded pickling cartridge into the pre-filter housing and flush the preservative into the system.
  • No need to remove the membranes - pickle the entire RO or Watermaker system with the membranes in place.
  • Protects the RO or SWRO system and membranes from biological fouling during periods of non-use.
  • All natural Food-Grade Materials.
  • Made in USA in our ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certified Facility
  • Fits Industry-Standard Filter Housings (Available in 10" & 20" Standard & Big Blue Sizes)

The interior of a spiral membrane element is dark, moist and therefore an excellent breeding ground for microorganisms. Up to 40% flux loss can occur from biological fouling in elements and modules that have been used, then stored on the shelf or in non-operating units for long periods. To prevent biological growth, it is recommended that systems and membranes are disinfected and preserved (often referred to as pickling or winterizing) during storage, shipping, or system shutdowns. Applied Membranes, Inc. has formulated its own proprietary membrane care chemicals for preserving and disinfecting of membranes without flux or performance loss. 

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