DI Mixed Bed Resin | High Purity Deionization | ResinTech | 1 cu.ft.

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Brand ResinTech

ResinTech Water Softening Resin
ResinTech MBD-10 High-Purity DI Mixed Bed Resin

Mixed Bed Dionization Resin, Polystyrenic Gel, Hydrogen & Hydroxide Form

ResinTech MBD-10 is a 2:3 volumetric mixture of CG8-H-BL (dark-colored hydrogen form cation resin) and SBG1-OH (a hydroxide form type 1 strong base anion resin). The volume ratio is close to 1:1 on an equivalent basis and the component resins are chosen to separate easily for regeneration. MBD-10 is intended for use in all mixed bed deionization applications that require high resistivity and high throughput capacity.

Common Applications for ResinTech MBD-10 Mixed Bed DI Resin

  • Deionization Cartridge Applications
    ResinTech MBD-10 premixed mixed bed is ideal for single use cartridge applications where the longest possible throughput capacity is desired.

  • Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI)
    ResinTech MBD-10 can be used in PEDI applications to remove bulk TDS from raw waters or to remove trace levels of TDS following reverse osmosis or other desalination processes. MBD-10 can be separated into its components, CG8-H-BL and SBG1-OH, for regeneration, and reused hundreds or thousands of times. The cation component, CG8-H-BL, is black in color and provides optimized color difference from SBG1-OH. This color difference is very helpful to verify resin separation during backwash.

  • High Temperature Applications

  • In Place Regeneration
  Specifications and Physical Properties
Resintech Part Number: MBD-10
Volume: 1 cubic foot
Approximate Weight: 42-43 lbs
Polymer Matrix: Styrenic Gel
Ionic Form: Hydrogen & Hydroxide
Functional Group: Sulfonic Acid / Trimethylamine
Physical Form: Spherical Beads
Media Combination: CG8-H-BL [40%] and SBG1-OH [60%]
Particle Size: 16 to 50 US Mesh (297 - 1190µm)
% <50 mesh (300µm) <1%
Reversible Swelling:

H/OH ➝ Na/Cl -15% to -17%
Temperature Limit: 160°F (71°C)
Moisture Retention: 53% to 62%
REACH Registered: YES
Regenerability: TRUE
Resin Color: Brown/ Black & Amber

MBD-10 Specification Sheet

Resin Tech MBD10 Throughput Capacity (Gallons per Cubic Foot)

TDS (ppm as CaCO3)
Conductivity (µS/cm)
No CO2 or SiO2 5 ppm CO2 or SiO2 10 ppm CO2 or SiO2
2/5 111,834 31953 18,639
5/12.5 44,734 22367 14,911
10/25 22,367 14911 11,183
20/50 11,183 8947 7,456
50/125 4,473 4067 3,728
100/250 2,237 2130 2,033
200/500 1,118 1091 1,065
500/1250 447 443 439
1000/2500 224 223 221