Internal O-Ring PWT Seal for 2.5" Protec Seawater Vessels PRO-2.5-1200-EP-1, PRO-2.5-1200-EP-21

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Protec Seawater Membrane Housings for Watermakers
PWT Seal - Internal O-Ring for Protec PRO 2.5-1200-EP Fiberglass Pressure Vessels 

O-Ring for Membrane Housing

Replacement O-Ring Seal for Protec Arisawa seawater membrane housing pressure vessel end caps. This is the "Internal O-ring" which seats between the product water tube on the membrane and the product water port on the inside of the pressure vessel.  O-Rings should be replaced each time the membrane elements are replaced, in order to avoid leaking due to seal tearing and cracking.

O-Rings are are recommended to be lubricated with DOW Corning 111 High Grade Silicone Lubricant.


Protec Part #

For Membrane Housings:

PRO 2.5-1200-EP-21
PRO 2.5-1200-EP-1
Qty Used per Housing: 4