Housing for Residential Membrane | In: Elbow | Out: Elbow

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Applied Membranes Inc. Components for Home RO
Membrane Housing Pressure Vessels for Home RO Systems

For Standard Home RO Membranes 1.5"  to 1.85" Diameter
90° Elbow 1/8" In/Out Connections

Designed for use with standard 1.5" to 1.85" diameter home RO membrane elements, ths high quality membrane housings offer reliable performance in your RO System. Inlet and outlet ports are molded directly into the body and cap of the housing, ensuring a seamless, leak-free design. 

Both the inlet and outlet of this model are 90° Elbows and are 1/8" female threaded fittings.


PV2012FS Membrane Housing Specifications

Model: PV2012FS
Brand:  AMI
For Membrane:

Standard Residential
1.5"-1.85"Dia. x 12"L
Housing Material:   White Polypropylene
O-Ring Material: EPDM
In/out Connections: 1/8" FNPT
Inlet Configuration: 90° Elbow
Outlet Configuration: 90° Elbow

Membrane Compatability

PV2012FS is compatible with most industry-standard membrane elements up to 100 GPD flow rate, including but not limited to the below models. Note that this model is not compatible with 150, 180, or 200 GPD elements -  for those, use PV2012PME.