AMI Ultimate - High Flow Mineral RO + UF + UV Disinfection Drinking Water System with TDS Control & Booster Pump

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AMI Home RO Water Treatment Systems Under Sink Point of Use
AMI Ultimate High Flow Mineral RO, UF, and Ultraviolet Water Treatment System with TDS Control & Feed Booster Pump

AMI Ultimate High Flow Mineral RO Water Filter takes home reverse osmosis water treatment to the next level by allowing you to customize the TDS and mineral content of your water, while protecting against pathogens and microorganisms in water.

Destroys 99.99% of illness-causing pathogens in water.

AMI Ultimate Mineral RO system is configured with:

  • Sediment & Activated Carbon pre-filters to remove the physical and chemical impurities;
  • High Flow reverse osmosis membrane to remove up to 99% of impurities including Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium (Hexavalent), Chromium (Trivalent), Copper, Turbidity, Fluoride, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, and TDS;
  • User-adjustable TDS control valve to customize mineral content, TDS levels, and flavor;
  • Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane to safeguard against any harmful contaminants while retaining the natural minerals and flavor;
  • UV light for ultraviolet disinfection to destroy 99.99% of waterborne bacteria, virus, and protozoa parasites in the water;
  • Carbon polishing filter to perfect the flavor before it is dispensed from the faucet;
  • Feed pressure booster pump to ensure all stages of the system achieve optimum performance;
  • Energy-and-Water-Saving Smart Computer Controls: Turns off the UV when the tank is full, saving energy and preventing the water from heating, turns off the water and pump when the tank is full, and performs auto-membrane flushing to rinse the membrane, allowing it to run at greater efficiency and save water.
 Protect your family, pets, and plants with truly clean water that you can trust.

The storage tank holds 3 gallons of purified water at a time, making it perfect for use for the entire household. The 125 gallon per day flow rate will refill the tank from empty to full in about 1/2 hour. The designer faucet included is easy to install, and fits most standard sinks. Simply follow the clear instructions and color-coded parts or have your local plumber install it for you....and, voila! You’ve got pure, filtered water to drink.

Now you can have better drinking water, cooking water, and even better-tasting ice cubes. Replace the carbon filters every 6–12 months for the best-tasting water possible every day.

For almost 40 years, Applied Membranes has been an industry leader in commercial and residential water filtration systems. We have introduced the most cutting-edge water purification technology in compact, accessible systems that everyone can use. Clean water is our mission, and our customer support team is happy to assist you with any questions regarding your new RO system. Enjoy pure water at home every day with our premium water treatment systems.


RO UF UV System Specifications

Part # HD-81UM
Model: AMI Ultimate
Brand:  AMI
Tank Capacity: Holds 3 Gallons of Water
System Flow: 125 Gallons Per Day
Removes: Sediment
Chlorine & Chemicals
Bad Tastes & Odors
99% of Total Dissolved Solids
99.99% of bacteria, virus, protozoa, and parasites
Stages: 6
System Dimensions: 11.7"H x 16.1"L x 10.4"W
Tank Dimensions 14.5"H x 9.25" Dia.
Line & Connections: 1/4" Quick Connect

Home Water Treatment User Instructions


Coconut Shell Carbon

ami carbon filters are made with 100% coconut shell carbonAMI Carbon filters are made with 100% carbon produced from coconut shells, a renewable and sustainable resource, offering superior chemical absorption compared to coal-based carbon filters.


Replacement Filters

Replacement Filter Kit: RFK-HD-81UM-YEAR
Stage 1:  5 Micron Sediment H-F0833-43QC
Stage 2:  GAC Carbon H-F0832-43QC
Stage 3:  RO Membrane M-T1808HF-ENK
Stage 4:  UF Membrane M-U1808
Stage 5: UV Lamp UV-L11W
Stage 6:  Post Carbon Filter H-F0834-43ST

Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection Whats in Your Water

Many illness-causing pathogens can be found in drinking water. You can't see them, smell them, or taste them. Even city water is susceptible to contamination when there are water line breaks or flooding.

The solution? UV Water Disinfection!

Applied Membranes Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Destroys 99.99% of illness-causing pathogens in water.
Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection Destroys Bacteria
99.99% Destruction of Bacteria
Including E-Coli, Salmonella & Legionella*
Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection Destroys Viruses
99.99% Destruction of Viruses
Including Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, Adenovirus*
Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection Destroys Protozoa Parasites
99.99% Destruction of Protozoa Parasites
Including Cryptosporidium & Giardia*

*Refer to UV Dose Chart for Details on 4-log destruction of specific pathogens.

Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection Destroys Illness Causing Pathogens

6 Stages of Powerful Filtration

  • Stage 1: 5 Micron Sediment Filter
    Removes Dirt, Rust, Sand, Dust, Silt, and other physical impurities from water down to 5 microns. This filtration stage also extends the life of the carbon filters and membranes in the later stages. The graded pore structure uses the entire depth of the filter - capturing larger particles in the outer layers and decreasing in size as it reaches the center. This maximizes the dirt holding capacity, giving more time between change-outs.
  • Stage 2: Activated Carbon Block Filter for Powerful Chemical Adsorption & Flavor Enhancement
    Applied Membranes Carbon Filter cartridge Absorbs Chlorine, Unpleasant Tastes and Odors, Chloramine, and VOCs, along with 100s of other harmful chemical contaminants commonly found in tap water. Corrects Turbidity (cloudy water) to ensure clear, fresh water from every tap.
  • Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis Membrane
    The RO Membrane is the heart of the RO System. The RO membrane reduces up to 99% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) from your water including arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium (hexavalent), chromium (trivalent), copper, turbidity, fluoride, lead, radium 226/228, and selenium, while washing the rejected contaminants down the drain. 
  • Stage 4: Ultrafiltration Membrane
    Powerful Ultrafiltration filters up to 99.99% of harmful contaminants to 0.02 microns while allowing essential minerals to pass into the product water.
  • Stage 5: Ultraviolet Disinfection
    The water passes through a chamber and is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light - which destroys 99.99% of waterborne pathogens in the water.
  • Stage 6: Activated Carbon Post Filter
    The last stage of filtration occurs as the water flows from the storage tank directly before being dispensed from the faucet.  The in-line carbon post filter (also known as polishing filter) removes any remaining tastes or odors from the water, improving the flavor.

Benefits of AMI Ultimate Mineral RO + UF + UV Water Filtration System

  • FRESH, HEALTHY WATER STRAIGHT FROM YOUR SINK: Stop spending money on bottled water and make your own filtered water right at home using your own tap.
  • WATER PURIFIER THAT KEEPS ESSENTIAL MINERALS: This patented reverse-osmosis system not only gives you cleaner water, but it also improves the health and taste of your water by preserving the natural, essential minerals.
  • REMOVES UP TO 99% OF CONTAMINANTS: AMI Reverse Osmosis water purification filters remove chemicals, metals, chlorine, rust, and bad odors. You can trust that your tap water is clean with our advanced water filtration systems.
  • 99.99% DESTRUCTION OF ILLNESS-CAUSING PATHOGENS: All-natural chemical-free ultraviolet light destroys all microbiological threats including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and parasites from the drinking water - keeping you and your family safe from infection.
  • ENERGY SAVING UV DESIGN WITH NO HOT-WATER BLAST: Our computer-controlled system will power-down the UV lamp when the tank is in use and water stops flowing - saving electricity and preventing water from heating. When you use water and the tank needs to refill, the UV system is powered-on for several moments before the rest of the system to disinfect the water in the UV chamber before it is passed along to the tank.
  • HIGHEST FLOW MEMBRANE: Will refill the tank from empty to full in approximately 30 minutes.
  • COAL-FREE, PLANET-FRIENDLY CARBON: Our filters are made from coconut shell, a sustainable renewable resource that works better than coal at removing bad odors and chemicals from your water.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This 125 GPD undersink water filtration system is simple to install, requiring only minimal handyman skills and basic tools to set up. Each system comes with clear instructions and color-coded tubing and takes an average of 2 hours to install.
  • CLEAN WATER IS OUR MISSION: Applied Membranes has been bringing clean water to families nationwide for almost 40 years. All AMI products are fully supported by our staff of trained water quality experts and customer satisfaction guarantee.