AQUALINE High Purity DI Filter Cartridge 10" Standard Housing

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AQUALINE Systematix Special Purpose Filters

High Purity Deionization Filter - DI Polishing Filter - For 10" Standard Filter Housing

Deionization Polishing Filter Cartridge

The DI-2 is a non-regenerable industrial and general-purpose deionization polishing cartridge designed to give multi meg-ohm quality water for analytical and general laboratory use.  The highly purified ion exchange resins will deliver high purity water with a minimum TOC background.

The DI-2 is constructed totally from FDA grade materials and media and is designed as a polisher for low TDS feed water. It can be used in a recirculating mode or as a polisher for RO product water.

The capacity on 10 ppm water is approximately 750 gallons.  Divide 7500 by the ppm of the feed to get approximate throughput in gallons.  Downflow operation is preferred. Intermittent up-flow may cause bed separation and quality failure.  Continuous up-flow to exhaustion is acceptable.

DI-2 Deionization Filter Specifications


DI-2 Specifications

Model: DI-2

AQUALINE  (Systematix Chemical Engineers)
Size: 2.5" Diameter x 9.75" Length
For Housing For Filter Size: 10" Standard
Approximate Outside Dimensions of Housing: 4.5"OD x 11.4"L (Approx.)
O-Ring Color: Black

Semiconductor grade (low TOC) mixed bed ion exchange resin (1:1 equivalent ratio)
Post Filter:

20 micron spun-bonded polypropylene
Pre-Filter: 100 micron reticulated poly foam
Flow Rate: 0.25 gpm
Capacity: 7500 ppm gallons
pH Range: 0-14