40 Gallon Pressurized Storage Tank Assembly for RO System

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AMI Commercial RO Systems

40 Gallon Pressure Tank Assembly for RO System Add-On, using Pentair ROMATE Storage Tank

A pressurized storage tank is used with an RO system to collect RO permeate in an interior bladder and deliver it on demand using the charged air pressure inside the tank.  Pressure tanks also enable automatic operation of a reverse osmosis system when used in conjunction with sytem pressure controls (sold separately).  The controller will sense when the tank is full and turn off the system, then monitor and resume water production when the tank reaches a preset low level.

Our A612-40 RO tank assemby is complete including the 40 gallon storage tank along with piping, in-and-out ball valves, tubing, and pressure gauge.  AMI Pressure tank add-on assemblies are intended for use with commercial reverse osmosis systems.

Features and Benefits of AMI Pressure Tank Assembly

  • Collect and Deliver RO Permeate Using Air Pressure
  • Enable Automatic Operation of a Commercial RO System when Used in Conjunction with Pressure Controls (sold separately)
  • In-and-Out Isolation Valves
  • 0-100psi Pressure Gauge to Monitor Tank Pressure
  • Industry Proven and Trusted Pentair ROMATE Brand Tank:
    • 100% Seamless Composite Construction
    • 100% Lead-Free Design
    • Produced Using NSF and/or FDA Listed Materials
    • Superior Corrosion Resistance
    • Will Not Introduce Chemicals or Elements into Water



Tank Assembly Specifications

AMI Part Number: A612-40
Tank Included: Pentair ROMATE 40 (34682)
Tank Size: 40 Gallon
Usable Tank Capacity: Varies with Pressure Settings
In/Out Valves: 3/4" PVC True Union Ball Valves
Tank Pressure Gauge: 0-100 psi Liquid Filled
Additional piping and fittings are assembled for easy installation.
System Controls: Sold Separately:  
A620 - 110v 60Hz | A621 - 220v 60Hz

ROMATE 40 Specificatons

Click to download the specifications for Pentek ROMATE 40 Pressure Tank
Product Specifications