4"Dia.x21"L PVC Membrane Housing

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PVC Membrane Housing Pressure Vessels for RO Systems
4 x 21 PVC Membrane Housing Pressure Vessel for RO Membranes

AMI PVC pressure vessels for housing 4" x 21" membrane elements are ideal for lower pressure membrane applications up to 200 PSI are designed for direct connection to AMI/Applied Membranes and FILMTEC/DOW style elements. The U-Pin style end closures are designed for ease of installing and replacing membrane elements, and the ½" FNPT connections for ease of connection with no special fittings required. Each membrane housing is individually inspected for quality assurance.

Each membrane housing is sold complete with End Plugs, U-Pins, Feed Plugs, and O-Rings.  Mounting pads and straps are sold separately.


PVC Membrane Housing Specifications

AMI Part Number: PV4021PWG
For Membrane Size: 4" x 21"
For Membrane Type: AMI/Applied Membranes, DOW/FilmTec Style
Operating Pressure: 200 PSI (14 BAR) at 77°F (25°C) Maximum
Vessel Dimensions: 4" Dia. x 25.75" Length
(10 cm Dia. x 65.4cm Length)
Connections: ½" FNPT Feed, Brine, and Product
Configuration: End Entry
End Closures: U-Pin
Materials: NSF approved Rigid PVC, PVC end plugs, PVC reinforcement cuffs and stainless steel cuff bands

Warning:  4x21 PVC pressure vessels are limited to a maximum pressure of 200 psi (14 BAR) at 77°F (25°C).  Higher pressure, higher temperature or water hammer will lead to premature failure.  It is highly recommended that when these conditions exist, a pressure switch or relief valve be installed to protect the vessel.  Alternatively, you may consider a stainless steel or FRP vessel.

Replacement Components for 4x21 PVC Housings

PV4040PD1212 End Plug with ½" Brine x ½" Product Ports, with O-Rings
PV-RR40U U-Pin 
PV-OR40-342 O-Ring for End Plug - External
PV-OR40-210 O-Ring for End Plug - Internal
3850.005 ½"Plug for Permeate Port on Feed End
H-C111DC Lubricant for O-Rings,
DOW Corning 111, 5 Oz