3/8"T x 3/8"T | Straight | Two-Way Ball Valve | Shut-Off Valve (Isolation Valve) for Water Filters and Appliances

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Brand John Guest

John Guest Fittings Quick Connect Push Fittings

John Guest 2-Way Ball Valve for Home RO Systems

Speedfit to Speedfit Connector | 3/8"T x 3/8"T Quick Connect | Polypropylene Shut-Off Valve

JG Two-Way Ball Valves shut off the flow of the water to and from equipment with a 1/4 twist of the handle. JG PPSV041212W ball valve connects directly to 3/8" OD tubing using Speedfit (Quick Connect, QC) fittings. John Guest ball valves are commonly used water filtration equipment as an isolation valve  shut-off valve, or in the water supply line to refrigerators and appliances to provide the means of stopping the water flow to the filter or appliance for service or repairs.

John Guest PP range of shut-off valves are constructed of white polypropylene and are fitted with EPDM seals. Polypropylene has the advantage of being more chemically resistant than acetal. John Guest  PPSV041212W valves are for use with potable water, but not suitable for air or inert gases.

  • Stop water flow to a system, tank, appliance, or component for easier servicing and in extended periods of non-use.
  • Speedfit Push-fit technology
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • High chemical resistance
  • EPDM seals
  • 1/4 turn from open to closed
  • Food Quality: NSF standard 51 listed, and produced in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant materials.

JG PPSV041212W Specifications

John Guest Part Number: PPSV041212W
Brand: JG Speedfit
Manufacturer: John Guest
Material: Polypropylene
Tube Connection: 3/8" Tube OD 
Tube Tolerance: +0.001" / -0.004"
Connection Type: Quick Connect (Speedfit)
Valve Orientation: Straight
Valve Type: Two-Way Ball Valve
Max. Pressure (Cold Water):

145 psi (10 bar)
@ 34-68°F (1-20°C)
Max. Pressure (Hot Water):

101 psi (7 bar)
@ 149°F (65°C)

How to Connect John Guest Fittings

John Guest products are widely used by beer and beverage producers and by the manufacturers of drinks dispense equipment and have quality and performance approvals from leading testing and acceptance authorities.

These valves have been designed to allow temporary servicing of downstream equipment and must only be used in the fully open or fully closed position.

Tube Types

  • Plastic Tube: Polyethylene, nylon and polyurethane conforming to the tolerances shown above. For soft tubing or thin wall tube we recommend the use of tube inserts.
  • Braided Tube: Use of Tube to Hose Stems listed on pages 11, 16, 18, 21 and 26 is essential when using tube. Use of clamps to retain braided tube on barbs is recommended.
  • Metal Tube (soft): Brass, copper or mild steel conforming to the tolerances below.
  • Metal Tube (hard): We do not recommend Super Speedfit fittings for hard metal or chromium plated tubes.