Two-Way Splitter Fitting | 1/4" Quick-Connect All-Sides | Y-Fitting for Water Treatment System

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AMI EPDM Fittings for Water Treatment Filtration Systems

1/4" Quick Connect Two-Way Splitter Y-Fitting for Water Treatment System

Applied Membranes F-4TWD44QC is a two-way splitter fitting water treatment component with one 1/4" Quick connect tube connection on one side, and two 1/4" quick connect tube connections the other. This Y-splitter can be used to split a water line into two water streams, or merge two water streams into one.

Designed with speed and ease in mind, AMI push-in QC style quickly forms a tight seal to the tubing used in home RO Systems without any tools or threaded nuts. This is particularly desirable for connection to system components that need to be removed for regular service such as membrane housings and in-line filters. These sturdy, high quality EPDM fittings are intended for use in residential RO applications with pressures up to 150 psi.

AMI Quick-Connect Fittings are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are excellent choices for use with all standard fittings and POU drinking water systems. Constructed of Polypropylene, an FDA approved material suitable for food contact, AMI Quick-Connect Fittings incorporate EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) O-rings and stainless steel gripping teeth in their collets. AMI polypropylene fittings provide excellent chemical resistance and high tolerance to against oxidizers. AMI Quick-Connect Fittings easily interconnect with tubing and other fittings without the need for special tools or adapters. In most instances, this amounts to a reduction in installation labor by more than 80%.

Benefits of Quick-Connect Fittings

  • Quick-Connect collet locking system provides a reliable connection in moments, without the use of tools for faster system assembly time and easier replacement of membranes and filters
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • NPT Threads on Male and Female Connections
  • High chemical resistance
  • Sturdy polyethylene construction may be used in applications up to 150 psi

Product Specifications

Model: F-4TWD44QC
For Tubing OD: 1/4"
Tubing Connection: QC (Quick Connect)
Fitting Shape: Two-Way Splitter
Color: White
Material: EPDM
Maximum Pressure: 150 psi