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Home RO Tank Shut-Off Valve | 1/4" | DoubleSeal Tank Valve for H-S3200PW RO Water Tank

Price $5.00
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Manufacturer John Guest

AMI Components for Home RO System Water Filter Systems
AMI Double-Seal Tank Valve for AMI Double-Seal™Storage Tank

Tank Shut-Off Balve Valve | 1/4" FNPT to 1/4" QC Tube | For H-S3200PW RO Tank

AMI tank shut off valve is designed for H-S3200PW Doubl-Seal RO Storage Tank.   The valve is installed to shut off the flow of the water to and from the tank with a 1/4 twist of the handle. AMI tank  valve connects to a 1/4" OD tube using Quick Connect fitting on one side.

  • Stop water flow to and from an RO tank or other equipment for easier servicing and in extended periods of non-use.
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • High chemical resistance
  • Double Seals for a secure connection
  • 1/4 turn from open to closed

This valve is intended for use with AMI Double-Seal™ Home RO Storage Tanks H-S3200PW.  This valve may not seal on a standard storage tank.


Tank Valve Specifications

AMI Part Number: H-S3200TV
Brand: AMI
Material: Polypropylene
Tube Connection: 1/4" Tube OD 
Threaded Connection: 1/4" Female NPT
Tube Connection Type: Quick Connect (QC)
Valve Orientation: Elbow
Valve Type: Ball Valve
For Storage Tank: AMI  H-S3200PW