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Tank Pressure Shut-Off Switch | 60 psi | 1/4" In/Out | Aquatec

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Manufacturer Aquatec

Aquatec Pumps for Home RO Systems
Aquatec PSW260 Tank Pressure Shut-Off Switch

Aquatec PSW Series Pressure Switches automatically control an RO system booster pump and/or solenoid valve as required.  The pressure switch is typically mounted near a hydropneumatic holding tank. They can also be used to enable hydraulic shut-off valves to operate reliably and positively. Aquatec’s Pressure Switches are normally closed and can be pre-set at various shut-off pressures. If necessary, they can be adapted to operate as normally open switches through minor modifications to the wire terminal connector. The PSW Series also includes a modular connector for plug-and-play integration with Aquatec’s other system components.

Aquatec PSW260 Pressure Switch Features

  • NSF Aprpoved
  • Flow Through Design (No "Dead Legs")
  • Switching Capabilities of 4-15 amps, 0-230 volts
  • Single Pole, Double Throw
  • Adjustable 

Specifications for PSW260

Aquatec Model Number: PSW260
For Use With Pump: Aquatec 6800 Series
For RO Systems: 50 to 100 Gallons per Day
Nominal Setting: 60 psi "OFF" Pressure
Range Adjustment: 50-90 psi  "OFF" Pressure
Connections: 1/4" QC John Guest
Switch Rating: 250 VAC, 15 amp, UL Listed
Electrical Connection: AMP Mate-N-Lok


Product Specifications for Aquatec Switch