Single 5 Micron Waterbetter Filter

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Price $7.72
Brand Harmsco

Harmsco Filtration Products
Harmsco WaterBetter™ Economy Filter Cartridges


Product Information

Model Number:


For Filter Housing: Harmsco Multi-Cartridge Housings*
Nominal Micron Rating: 5 µ
Cartridge Length: 9¾"
End Cap Color: White

Specifications for WaterBetter™ Filter Cartridges

Filter Media:


End Caps: Plastisol (pliable PVC)
Center Tubes: Rigid PVC with perforations
Surface Area: Approx. 4 sq.ft. per 9¾" length
Temperature Limit: up to 140°F (60°C)
pH 3-11
Dimensions: 2 ¾" OD, 1 1/16" ID

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*Note:  These filters do not fit the Harmsco WaterBetter filter housings.  Click here for cartridges to fit those housings.
These filters fit the Harmsco standard multi-filter housings.