S810RL Replacement UV Lamp for VIQUA S8Q-PA, SSM-37, S8Q, S8Q-GOLD UV System

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AMI Water Filtration Products
Applied Membranes, Inc. Ultraviolet Lamp Replacement for S810RL

For use in Viqua S8Q-PA, S8Q, S8Q-GOLD, and SSM-37 UV Systems

Add AMI Quality to your UV System

Applied Membranes Solapur UV-S810RL-AMI Ultraviolet Lamp is designed as a direct replacement for Viqua S810RL UV lamp with exceptional value and performance benefits. 

Made in North America, Solapur lamps are rated for 9,000 hour lamp life and have been extensively tested to ensure superior performance when used in Viqua Sterilight UV Systems.

UV-S810RL-AMI UV lamp is a direct replacement for Viqua S810RL with proven performance in Viqua Sterilight UV systems S8Q-PA, S8Q, S8Q-GOLD, and SSM-37 Ultraviolet water treatment systems in all voltage options.

Note: This is an Applied Membranes brand lamp, not a Sterilight/R-CAN/Viqua-brand lamp. All Sterilight/R-CAN/Viqua brand names, trademarks, and logos are property of Trojan Technologies Group UL.



AMI Part #: UV-S810RL-AMI
Replaces Part #: S810RL
UV Lamp Life: 9,000 Hours
Compatible With: S8Q-PA, S8Q-PA/2 S8Q, S8Q/2 S8Q-GOLD, S8Q-GOLD/2 SSM-37, SSM37/2 UV systems
Lamp Length: 32.52" (826mm)
Configuration: 4-Pin, Staggered
Manufactured in: North America