S410RL-HO Replacement UV Lamp for VIQUA VH410, VH410M, SC-410, SPV-410

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AMI Water Filtration Products
Applied Membranes, Inc. Ultraviolet Lamp Replacement for S410RL-HO

For use in Viqua VH410, V410M, SC-410 and SPV-410 UV Systems

Add AMI Quality to your UV System

Applied Membranes Solapur UV-S410RL-HO-AMI Ultraviolet Lamp is designed as a direct replacement for Viqua S410RL-HO UV lamp with exceptional value and performance benefits. 

Made in North America, Solapur lamps have 10% longer lamp life and have been extensively tested to ensure superior performance when used in Viqua Sterilight UV Systems.

AMI-S410RL-HO UV lamp is a direct replacement for Viqua S410RL-HO with proven performance in Viqua Sterilight UV systems VH410, VH410M, SC-410, SCM-410, SPV-410, SP410-HO, and SPV-8 in all voltage options.

Note: This is an Applied Membranes brand lamp, not a Sterilight/R-CAN/Viqua-brand lamp. All Sterilight/R-CAN/Viqua brand names, trademarks, and logos are property of Trojan Technologies Group UL.


UV-S410RL-HO-AMI Specifications

AMI Part #: UV-S410RL-HO-AMI
Replaces Part #: S410RL-HO
UV Lamp Life: 10,000 Hours (10% longer!)
Compatible With: VH410, VH410/2, VH410M, VH410M/2, SC-410, SC-410/2, SCM-410, SCM-410/2, SPV-410, SPV-410/2, SP410-HO, SP410-HO/2,  SPV-8, SPV-8/2 UV systems
Lamp Length: 20.08" (510mm)
Configuration: 4-Pin, Staggered
Manufactured in: North America