Replacement UV Lamp for VT4, S2Q-PA, SSM17, S2Q, S2Q-GOLD, SC4

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Brand Viqua Sterilight

Viqua Sterilight Home Ultraviolet Sterilizers
Genuine VIQUA Sterlight S330RL UV Lamp

Always Use the Real Thing!

Genuine Viqua UV Lamps and Components

VIQUA replacement UV lamps are manufactured with high quality components to exacting specifications to ensure performance and safety. Using an ultraviolet lamp that was not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system introduces risk. While other replacement uv lamps may seem to fit a VIQUA system, its performance or safety simply can’t be guaranteed.

With more than 35 years in the residential water treatment market, VIQUA has built a strong reputation for quality products. Our UV systems, including the ultraviolet lamp, are designed on a solid foundation of research and development. VIQUA replacement UV lamps have gone through rigorous performance testing and meet the certification and validation standards of the industry’s leading governing bodies.

We are proud to put the VIQUA brand name on all of our ultraviolet lamps. It’s your guarantee of total UV system performance and safety. If it’s not branded by VIQUA, it’s not a VIQUA UV lamp. Look for these brands – not part numbers – when choosing a lamp: VIQUA, UVMAX, or Sterilight.

Authentic Viqua Lamp

Installation Instructions for VIQUA Point of Use Home UV System
Specifications for S330RL Lamp
VIQUA Part #: S330RL
UV Lamp Life: 9,000 Hours
Compatible With: VT4, VT4/2, S2Q-PA, S2Q-PA/2 S2Q, S2Q/2 S2Q-GOLD, S2Q-GOLD/2 SC4, SC4/2 SSM17, SSM17/2

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Sterilight S212RL UV Lamp
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