QC Quick Connect Auto Shut-Off Valve ASO for Home RO | Color: White | AMI Brand

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ASO for Home RO System
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This product is also offered in black, which is currently on sale.  H-V1050B-QC is a direct replacement for H-V1050W-QC - the primary difference is in the color.  
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AMI Water Treatment Components for Home RO
Auto Shut-Off Valve (ASO) for Home RO System | 1/4" QC Connections | White | AMI Brand

For Use with Home RO Systems 

Automatically turn your home RO system on and off according to the tank level. These diaphragm valves work in conjunction with a pre-pressurized tanks (sold separately) to automatically turn the RO system off when the tank is full, then back on when the tank level drops below a certain pre-set point.

Operating on pressure from the bladder style tanks, the diaphragm is engaged when the pressure from the tank exceeds approximately 65% of the incoming line pressure. This stops the flow of water to the RO system until the tank level is lowered enough for the pressure to fall below this level and allow the feed water supply to resume.

Benefits of Auto Shut-Off Valves for Home RO Systems

  • Automatic operation of the RO System
  • Saves water by shutting off the feed water once the tank is full
  • Easy to install
  • Completely mechanical operation; no electricity is required
  • ¼” Quick Connect connections for easy installation and replacement

H-V1050W-QC Specifications

AMI Model: H-V1050W-QC
Brand:  AMI
Color: White
Connection:   1/4" Quick Conect
For connection to Tube: 1/4" OD
Intended Use: Home RO Systems

ASO Accessories



Clip to Mount ASO to bracket

Mounting Clip for ASO Automatic Shut-Off Valve Home RO System


Clip to Mount ASO to bracket
Mounting Clip for ASO Automatic Shut-Off Valve Home RO System