PuroSmart High Flow RO System, Faucet Mount, 50 GPD

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PuroSmart Reverse Osmosis System
PuroSmart High Flow Faucet Mount Reverse Osmosis System 

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PuroSmart AssemblyThe PuroSmart Reverse Osmosis system uses the most advanced water treatment technology available. Reverse Osmosis is recognized as one of the best available technologies for producing high quality drinking water. It’s also the same method used by many bottled water companies to make safe and great tasting drinking water.  

The PuroSmart Reverse Osmosis system is the only reverse osmosis system that attaches to your faucet and includes carbon block filtration. The carbon block pre-filter removes chlorine, tastes and odors. The reverse osmosis membrane in the PuroSmart removes nearly all the other contaminants common to tap water.  

The PuroSmart is the most compact reverse osmosis system available. Unlike other small filter systems that require frequent cartridge changes and only remove taste and odors, the PuroSmart truly purifies water at the molecular level.  

Producing up to 50 gallons (189 liters) of water per day, the High Flow PuroSmart Reverse Osmosis system will fill containers up to 4x faster than the standard model.  

It's easy to use; just replace the aerator on your kitchen faucet with the one provided with the PuroSmart.  To connect the system press down on the white ring and push the system firmly onto the faucet.  The system is now ready to use.  Place a clean container in your sink and insert the tubing from the top of the system into the container.  Simply turn on your faucet and your PuroSmart system will deliver high quality water for your entire family.

Membrane Production: 50GPD *
Rated Membrane Life: 1 Year ***
Carbon Pre-Filter: Chlorine, Taste, Odor
Rated Carbon Block Life: 3 months or 400 gallons (1,512 liters) of treated water.
Feed Water Chlorine: Recommended 1ppm Max**

*Based on a feed pressure of 60psi (approximately 4 bar), water temperature of 77°F (25°C), and 500ppm feed TDS.

**In chlorinated water supplies using the 50 GPD Membrane models, we recommend changing to a countertop system and adding a carbon pre-filter kit to ensure complete chlorine removal. Contact our customer service department for details.

***The life of the RO membrane varies based on feed water quality and usage. Product water should be tested periodically to ensure membrane performance. The RO memranes should be replaced every 6 months to 2 years.

Membrane performance and water production rates are dependent on incoming water conditions. Your actual performance may vary. The PuroSmart RO System should only be used on municipal water supplies or those that have been determined to be microbiologically safe.

For more information, please view the PuroSmart brochure.

PuroSmart Faucet Mounted RO System Manual