Procon Pump | Stainless Steel | Clamp-On | 80 GPH

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Brand Procon

Procon Pumps for Water Treatment
113A080F31XX - 80 Gallon Per Hour (GPH) Brass Clamp-On Procon Pump for Commercial RO and Water Treatment Systems

PROCON Products has manufactured high quality, dependable pumps for over fifty years. PROCON 113A080F31XX is a stainless steel pump with clamp-on mounting configuration.   113A080F31XX is a rated at 80 GPH  (1.3 GPM,  303 LPH, 5 LPM) when run at 60hz.  PROCON 1113A080F31XX Pump is NSF Standard 169 Listed (Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices), and is approved for use in drinking water (potable water), beverage, and food applications.

Procon rotary vane pumps are suitable for a variety of applications, including cold carb circulation, carbonated water for soft drink dispensers, espresso coffee machines, beer cooling systems, cooling for TIG welders, reverse osmosis systems, ultra-filtration systems, cooling circulation, constant temperature control, atomizing / misting systems, Automated pesticide misting systems, carwash machines, steam cleaning machines, cooling for X-Ray and medical lasers, water purification, boiler feeds, pressure booster pumps, and light hydraulic oils.


113A080F31XX Specifications

Manufacturer Model: 113A080F31XX
Brand:  Procon Pumps (Standex)
Series:  Series 3
Material: Stainless Steel (SS)
Mounting and Drive Configuration: Clamp-On with .188:  Double Flat Drive
Flow Rate: 80 GPH (at 60 Hz)
Pressure Releif Setting: n/a
Connection: 3/8" NPT
Food Grade Classification: NSF C-2 Listed
Elastomer/Seal: Nitrile/Type 21 or Type 2100
Rotation: Clockwise/Slinger
Clearance: Standard Clearance
Valve Type: No Relief Valve

Procon Pumps for Water Treatment and RO Systems

Procon Pump Clamp-On Mounting Configuration