Nitrate Removal Cartridge, 10"

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Nitrate Removal Cartridge, 10"

AMI Nitrate Removal Filter Cartridges for Water Filtration

The NRC brine regenerable RO polishing will remove virtually all of the nitrates and sulphates from tap water or RO product water for approximately 7,500 ppm gallons. The NRC is particularly useful as an RO polisher (since membrane rejection of nitrates can be limited) or in waters containing low sulphates. The NRC can be regenerated using sodium chloride brine.

AMI Nitrate Removal  Filter Cartridge for Water Filtration Specifications

These filter cartridges will work in most 10" standard filter housings.

Nitrate Filter Model Number:

NRC (Old Part No.: H-F1085S)

For Use in Housing:

10" Standard Filter Housing

Nitrate Removal Capacity: *7500 ppm gal
Service Flow: 0.5-0.75 GPM
* Third party tested to remove 99% of influent nitrates from a 71 ppm (as CaCO )spiked stream for 200 gallons. Capacity of the NRC cartridge is approximately 7500 ppm. To determine gallons, divide 7500 ppm by the total ppm of nitrates plus sulphates (as CaCO ) to be removed. The result is the number of gallons that can be treated with complete nitrate/sulphate removal.

Benefits and Features of AMI NRC Nitrate Removal Filter Cartridges

  • Can be Regenerated Using a Sodium Chloride Brine
  • Removes Virtually All of the Nitrates, Nitrites and Sulphates from Tap or RO Water
  • Standard Cartridge Design Fits Most Standard 10” Filter Housings
  • Food Grade High Capacity Anion Exchange Resin
  • Constructed from FDA Grade Materials
  • Post Filter:  20 Micron Spun-Bonded Polypropylene
  • Pre-Filter:  100 Micron Reticulated Poly Foam
  • Operating pH Range 5 to 9

Applications for AMI NRC Nitrate Removal Filter Cartridges

  • Post Treatment for RO Systems
  • Nitrate Removal
  • Drinking Water Filtration
  • Espresso Machines
  • Ice Makers
  • Refrigerators
  • Lead Removal
  • Removal of Heavy Metals
  • Low Volume Beverage and Food Service
  • General Water Purification Operations

Instructions for Regenerating Nitrate Removal Filter Cartridges:

To regenerate:
  • Place a second filter housing containing a filter cartridge full of softener salt before the filter housing containing the Nitrate Removal filter so that the water coming out of the salt filter will go to the Nitrate Removal filter.
  • Run the water very slowly (approx. 0.25 GPM for a 10" filter) through the cartridges until the salt is gone.
  • Each time the nitrate removal filter is regenerated, approximately 80% of the capacity is restored.
    • 1st regeneration: 80% original capacity for nitrate removal
    • 2nd regeneration: 64% original capacity for nitrate removal
    • 3rd regeneration: 51% original capacity for nitrate removal
    • 4th regeneration: 40% original capacity for nitrate removal
We do not recommend regenerating the nitrate removal filters more than four times.
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