Myron L DS Conductivity Meter 0-2500 µM/µS Analog Water Quality Tester for Professionals

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Myron L Water Quality InstrumentsMyron L DS Conductivity Meters are Made in USAMyron L 512M4 DS Conductivity Meter for Professionals |  0-2500 µM/µS | Analog Water Quality Test Meter

Myron L Hand Held Analog Water Quality Testers Give You Readings You Can Count On

No water supply is completely pure. Every industrial, commercial, or natural source contains dissolved solids or salts. These impurities contribute to scale, corrosion, poor taste, and environmental pollution that endanger animal and plant life.

Myron L®  DS Meters™ provide fast, accurate, on-the-spot measurements of conductivity. Readings from their highly stable circuitry help assure product quality, prevent equipment damage and verify in-line instrumentation in a wide range of applications, including: 

  • Boilers & Cooling Towers
  • Deionization
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Chemical Concentrations
  • Printing Fountain Solutions
  • Swimming Pools & Spas
  • Water Pollution Control
  • Wastewater

Unique Field-Tested Design

Myron L DS Meters have a unique, durable, field-tested design which has evolved over more than 40 years, making Myron L instruments among the most reliable and popular of their kind in the world. They’re lightweight and compact, yet Myron L’s DS Meters are also tough, with rugged, taut-band meter movements. Put our meters to the test. Even after years of rough field service, they’ll surpass your expectations of accuracy, reliability and simplicity.

Reliability Built In

Breakage is one of the major causes of sensor failure in a typical TDS conductivity instrument. Myron L instruments provide maximum protection for the conductivity electrodes inside the cell cup.


Myron L 512M4 Specifications

Myron L Part Number: 512M4
Model: DS Meter
Conductivity Measurement: 0-2,500 μM/μS

2½" taut-band shock resistant meter
Accuracy: ±2% full scale
Repeatability: ±1%
Temperature Compensation: Automatic (to 77°F/25°C) for conductivity samples between 50-160°F (10-71°C)
Electrodes (built-in): Conductivity:  Never need replainitizing
Cell Cup: Chipo and crack resistant polyethylene
Circuitry: Very stable; requires minimal recalibration
Power: One 9V Battery Supplied
Battery Life: >2,000 tests/1 year

3.4" x 4.5" x 4.0"
(86mm x 114mm x 102mm)
Weight 1 lb (0.45 kg)

Product Specifications Myron L 6PIIFCE Digital Water Quality Tester Myron L 6PIIFCE Product Manual Instructions

Fast, Accurate On-the-Spot Measurement in 3 easy steps:

1) Rinse and Fill the Cell Cup
Myron L DS Conductivity Meters for Water Treatment Professionals

2) Select a Conductivity Range
Myron L DS Conductivity Meters for Water Treatment Professionals

3) Push Button to Indicate the Reading
Myron L DS Conductivity Meters for Water Treatment Professionals