AMI Micropure - Ultrafiltration Water Treatment for Washroom Sink to Make Water Safe for Grooming

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AMI Home RO Water Treatment Systems Under Sink Point of Use
AMI Micropure UF Ultrafilter for Bathroom Sinks - Makes Water Safe for Washing & Grooming

Make water safe for brushing your teeth and washing your face.

Provides Reliable Rejection of Microorganisms and Viruses.

Microorganisms in tap water can make you sick if they get into your mouth while washing The all-new AMI Micropure Ultrafilter is designed to provide you and your family with safe, clean water from the washroom tap. AMI Micropure is a point-of-use UF water treatment solution intended for installation beneath a wash room sink to reliably reject virus and microorganisms from water - making it safe to use for brushing your teeth, washing your face, and other grooming needs. Its sleek and compact design mounts to the wall and takes up little space beneath your cabinet. Complete with quick-connect fittings and tubing needed to install with just two quick connections into most standard sink configurations.

Protect your family with safe water that you can trust.

For almost 40 years, Applied Membranes has been an industry leader in commercial and residential water filtration systems. We have introduced the most cutting-edge water purification technology in compact, accessible systems that everyone can use. Clean water is our mission, and our customer support team is happy to assist you with any questions regarding your new water treatment equipment. Enjoy pure water at home every day with our premium water treatment systems.


Micropure UF Specifications

Part # HD-43MP
Model: AMI Micropure
Brand:  AMI
In/Out Connections: Quick Connect
Removes: Microorganisms
Filtration Type: Ultrafiltration (UF)
Pore Size: 0.01 to 0.1 microns
Included: Micropure Ultrafilter
Pipe/Tubing: 3 ft.
Female Adapters (2)
Union Push-In Connector
Wall-Mount Clamp
Screws & Anchors
Elbow Reducers
User Manual
Life Span: 2 Years (depending on usage)
Source Water: Tap/Municipal
Ideal for: Wash Basins
Bathroom Sinks
Kitchen Sinks

Home Water Treatment User Instructions


Benefits of AMI Micropure UF Water Filtration Solution

  • SAFE GERM-FREE WATER FOR GROOMING: Microorganisms in wash water can make you sick if it gets in your mouth. AMI Micropure Ultrafiltration systems reliably reject microorganisms and viruses to provide safe water for grooming and bathing.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our Inline wall-mount undersink water ultrafilter is simple to install. Simply connect to your water supply, and mount onto the wall using the bracket included, and snap into place. There are just two connections: In and Out - and both connections are quick-connect for the easiest installation.
  • CLEAN WATER IS OUR MISSION: Applied Membranes has been bringing clean water to families nationwide for almost 40 years. All AMI products are fully supported by our staff of trained water quality experts and customer satisfaction guarantee.