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1.5 HP Motor for Rotary Vane Pump (Procon Pump) with Bolt-On Base | Marathon G574

Price $675.00
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Marathon Motors for Procon Pumps for Water Treatment by Marathon Electric
Marrathon Motors for Procon Pumps

Marathon G574 1.50 HP 56C Frame Motor for Rotary Vane Procon Bolt-On Pump

1.5 Horsepower Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Motor for use with rotary vane pumps (including PROCON Pumps) for Commercial Reverse Osmosis and Water Treatment Systems.

  • Double sealed ball bearings, mechanically locked on shaft end
  • Heavy gauge steel constructions
  • Bolt-on, removable rigid base
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Capacitor start design for high starting torque
  • Will accept brake kits
  • Will accept drip cover kits

Water Treatment Components Specification

Applications for Marathon Motor for Rotary Vane (Procon) Pump

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Circulation
  • Solar Applications
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Desalination
  • Carbonated Water for Soft Drink Dispensers
  • Espresso Coffee Machines
  • Beer Cooling Systems
  • Cooling for TIG Welders
  • Ultra-Filtration Systems
  • Cooling Circulation
  • Constant Temperature Control
  • Atomizing/Misting Systems
  • Automated Pesticide Misting Systems
  • Carwash Machines
  • Steam Cleaning Machines
  • Cooling For X-Ray And Medical Lasers
  • Water Purification
  • Boiler Feeds
  • Pressure Booster Pumps
  • Light Hydraulic Oils

G574 Motor Specifications

AMI Model Number: P-MG574
Marathon Electric Catalog No.: G574
Marathon Model No.:

S V B 56B17F5305K
Output HP @ : 1.5 HP  (1 HP @ 50Hz)
Output KW:  1.1 kW (0.75 kW @ 50 Hz)
Frequency: 60 Hz  (1 HP @ 50Hz)
Voltage: 115/208-230 V
Phase: 1
Speed 1725 RPM
Service Factor: 1.15
Efficiency: 80%
Duty: Continuous
Frame: 56HC
Insulation Class: B
Design Code: N
KVA Code: J

Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
Drive End Bearing: 6203
Mounting:   Bolt-on Base
Motor Orientation: Horizontal

Mounting Hardware

Mounting Adapter for 56C Motor for Procon Series 1-5: 1048-1C
Coupler:   7/16" x 5/8" 3045
Motor Shaft Key: 3208