Flocon 135 Antiscalant, 6.6 gallon (55 lb) container

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Brand Flocon
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Flocon is no longer offered. We recommend AMI AS-102 Antiscalant (Made in USA and NSF-61 Certified) as a substitution.

Flocon Antiscalant for RO System Pretreatment
Flocon 135 Antiscalant Membrane System Pretreatment

Flocon® Antiscalant water additives, used as pretreatment for Reverse Osmosis systems, are highly effective in preventing membrane scaling. Flocon 135 Antiscalant for RO Systems is an aqueous solution of a specialized phosphinocarboxylic acid, highly effective in controlling the deposition of inorganic scale forming salts on membrane surfaces. We carry a large inventory of Flocon Antiscalant at competitive prices with technical support. Most products in stock for immediate shipment.


BWA Water Additives FLOCON Antliscalant
Specifications for Flocon 135 Antiscalant

Part Number: AS-135-55
Product Name: FLOCON 135 Antiscalant
Container Size: 6.6 Gallons (55 lbs)

Product Specifications for EZ SDI Silt Density Index Monitor Product Use Instructions

Benefits of Flocon 135 Antiscalant

  • Prolonged membrane life by prevention of scale build-up.
  • Flocon Antiscalant is more cost effective and space efficient than water softeners.
  • No regeneration is required: no water being flushed to drain; no down time

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