Filter Housing Wrench | For AMI Double-Seal Filter Housings | 10" Standard

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AMI Components for Home RO System Water Filter Systems
Spanner Wrench for AMI Double-Seal™ 10" Standard Filter Housings

Make Water Filter Replacement Easy

AMI Filter Housing Wrenches aid in the removal of the filter housing sump for filter cartridge replacement.  AMI H-C9200FWWA filter wrenches are intended for use in AMI brand Double-Seal (Double-O-Ring) Filter Housings for 10" Standard Filter Housings. 

Use the spanner wrench to loosen water filter housing sumps in order to replace filters or perform system maintenance.  

Note: Do not use a filter wrench to tighten the filter sump back onto the water filtration system because the o-ring may be damaged by overtightening.   If you are unsure if the filter  wrench will work with your housing, check the dimensions provided and compare the number of teeth on the wrench with the number of ribs in your housing.

AMI Double-Seal Housing Wrench is for use with AMI Double-Seal™ brand Filter Housings, which are used in AMI AAA-RO Series Home RO Systems Pre-Filters, and house 10" Standard filter cartridges.   Approximate dimensions of the filter housing are 4.5"OD x 11.4" Length - The filter housings are used for filter cartridges of the 10" standard size (2-2.75"OD x 9.75" Length).

Used for AMI Water Filter Housings:

  • H-H14FWWA
  • H-H14FCEA

Filter Wrench Specifications

Model: H-C9200FWWA
Brand:  AMI 
For Filter Size: 10" Standard
For Housing Dimensions: 4.5"OD x 11.4"L (Approx.)
For Dimensions of
Filter Cartridges:
2" to 2.875"OD,
9.75 to 9.875"L
Number of Teeth: 4
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
For Housing Brand:

AMI Secure-Seal
(Double O-Ring)
For Housing Models: H-H14FWWA, H-H14FCEA