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O-Ring Set for AMI Double-Seal Filter Housings for 10" Standard Water Filter (AAA-RO Prefilters)

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AMI Components for Home RO System Water Filter Systems
O-Ring Set for AMI Double-Seal™ Filter Housings for 10" Standard Water Filter

Set of Upper and Lower O-Rings | Complete Change-out for one Housing

Essential for Leak Prevention

AMI Filter Housing O-rings ensure a tight seal between the lid and the sump of the housing to prevent leaks.  The o-rings should be inspected each time the filter is replaced or the sump is removed from the cap before it is reinstalled and placed back into service.   If any twisting, deforming, wear, cracks or tears are observed, the o-rings should be replaced.

OR-H10FWWA-SET includes one each of the upper (inside of cap) and lower (outside of sump) o-rings needed to replace both seals in one housing.   These o-rings are for AMI Double-Seal™ brand Filter Housings, which are used in AMI AAA-RO Series Home RO Systems pre-filters, and house 10" Standard filter cartridges.   Approximate dimensions of the filter housing are 4.5"OD x 11.4" Length - The filter housings are used for filter cartridges of the 10" standard size (2-2.75"OD x 9.75" Length).


O-Ring Specifications

Brand:  AMI 
For Filter Size: 10" Standard
For Housing Dimensions: 4.5"OD x 11.4"L (Approx.)
For Dimensions of
Filter Cartridges:
2" to 2.875"OD,
9.75 to 9.875"L
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
For Housing Type:

AMI Double-Seal
(Double O-Ring)
For Housing Models: H-H14FWWA, H-H14FCEA

Used for AMI Water Filter Housings:

  • H-H14FWWA
  • H-H14FCEA