Drain Saddle with 3/8" Male Connection | For Home RO Systems with Air Gap Faucets

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AMI Water Treatment Components for Home RO
Drain Saddle for Home RO System | 3/8" MNPT Connection

Suitable for Use with Home RO System with Air-Gap Faucet

Drain saddles are used to connect the reject line a home RO system to the sink drain line. This 3/8-inch connection drain saddle is designed especially for use in connecting the ⅜” drain line from the air-gap faucet of the reverse osmosis system to the drain pipe.

The clamp style body will fit drain pipes up to 1-½” diameter and should be installed between the sink basin and the trap.  AMI H-D300038M 3/8" Male Drain Saddle has a 3/8" MNTP male threaded connection with compression nut.

Benefits and Features of H-D300038 3/8-inch Drain Saddle:

  • Provides leak-free connection to the sink drain for RO waste water. 
  • Easy to Install
  • For connection to 3/8" OD tubing. 
  • Compatible for use with Air-Gap faucets
  • Fits Standard 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" Drain Pipes
  • H-D300038M Assembly Includes:
    • Clamp
    • Nuts & Bolts for Closure
    • Sealing Pad
    • Compression Nut for Tubing Connection
  • Requires a hole to be drilled in the drain line before installation

Applications fo 3/8" Drain Saddles:

  • Point of Use (POU) Drinking Water Systems
  • Home RO Systems
  • Air-Gap Faucets
  • Counter Top Water Filters
  • Institutions
  • Lab
  • Water Purification

H-D300038M Specifications

AMI Model: H-D300038M
Brand:  AMI
Color: Black

3/8" Male Threaded with Compression Nut
For connection to Tube: 3/8" OD
Fits Drain Line: Up to 1-½" Drain Pipe


Drain Saddle Installation