Carbon Pre-Filter Add-On Kit for Countertop PuroSmart

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PuroSmart Reverse Osmosis System
Pre-Filter Add-On Kit for PuroSmart RO Systems used on Chlorinated Supplies

Adding an additional prefiltration step before the PuroSmart unit provides an extra layer of protection against chlorine damage to the membrane, while giving extra taste and odor removal.

  • Ideal for PuroSmart systems used in chlorinated water supplies with chlorine levels above 1ppm.
  • For use on Countertop Purosmart RO only
  • Includes Omnipure brand coconut shell carbon in-line prefilter, mounting clips, and extra tubing

Pre-Filter Kit Specifications

Model: 502024
For use on system: PSCT15, PSCT50
Filter Size: 2" Dia. x 6" Length
Filter Life: 1,000 Gallons (1 year max.)
Carbon Type: Coconut Shell Acid Rinsed
Replacement Filter Model: K2333JJ
Resolution: 0.1 GPM or LPM
Max Pressure: 125 psi
Max Temperature: 100°F