Aquatec Booster Pump for 50-100 GPD Home RO | 0.37 GPM @ 60 psi

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Brand Aquatec

Aquatec Pumps for Home RO Systems
Aquatec 8851-2J03-B423 8800 Series High Flow Booster Pump for Home RO Systems
0.32 to 0.55 GPM  (1.2 to 2.1 LPM) | 900 RPM Motor 

Aquatec’s booster pumps provide reliable inlet pressure for efficient membrane utilization. These pumps are capable of continuous duty and are effective for recirculation based applications as well. They are ideally suited to work with hydro-pneumatic storage systems but are compatible with most hydraulic shut-off valves also. 

Aquatec 8800 Series High Flow Pumps are ideal for use in home RO Systems rated for 50 to 100 gallons per day.  Aquatec 8851-2J03-B423 booster pump has built-in push-to-connect (quick connect) ports for 3/8" tubing and is rated at 0.37 GPM (1.4 LPM) at 60 psi.

These pumps are commonly used with one or more flow control components including: pressure switches, tank level controllers, or electronic shut-off valves. A typical “RO Kit” includes a booster pump, pressure switch, and transformer – all system components are sold separately and are available for purchase through our site.

Made in USA

Aquatec 8851-2J03-B423 Features

  • Aquatec 8800 Series High Flow Pump for 50 to 100 GPD Home RO Systems
  • Built-In Push-to-Connect In/Out Ports for 3/8" Tubing
  • 110 psi Bypass Pressure Relief Control Valve
  • 3-Chamber Diaphragm Pump
  • Self Priming (5 ft. Prime)
  • Capable of Being Run Dry
  • 24 VAC Permanent Magnet Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated Motor
  • Materials of Construction:
    • Nylon Housing
    • EPDM Valves
    • Santoprene Diaphragm
    • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Certified to NSF Standard 58

Specifications for 8851-2J03-B423

Aquatec Model Number: 8851-2J03-B423
Aquatec Series: 8800 Series
For RO Systems: 50 to 100 Gallons per Day
Pump Flow: 0.37 GPM (1.4 LPM) @ 60 psi
In/Out Connections: Built-In Push-to-Connect In/Out Ports for 3/8" Tubing
Pressure Relief:
110 psi bypass pressure relief control valve
Mounting: Universal Base Plate
Motor: 900 RPM 24Vac

Recommended Accessories

Below are the most commonly-used accessories used in standard installations.  For additional options, browse our Aquatec Pumps & Accessories Category.

TACS114-48 Power Supply, USA Voltage 
PSW240 Tank Pressure Shut-Off Switch
LPS340G Low Pressure Shut-Off
TLC-DC902 Tank Level Control
ESO460-24VAC Solenoid Valve

Product Specifications for Aquatec Pump Operating Instructions Manual for Aquatec Pump

8851-2J03-B423 Performance Data

(PSI )
80 1.20 0.32 1.40
70 1.30 0.34 1.29
60 1.40 0.37 1.19
50 1.50 0.40 1.10
40 1.55 0.41 0.99
30 1.70 0.45 0.89
20 1.85 0.49 0.77
10 2.00 0.52 0.64
OPEN 2.10 0.55 0.58

Benefits of Aquatec Booster Pumps for Home RO Systems

  • Booster pumps provide reliable inlet pressure for efficient membrane utilization and are ideally suited for continuous duty. 
  • Safe operation with low voltage AC motors. Can be used with compatible transformers (100VAC, 120VAC, 230VAC to be ordered separately).
  • Built-In Push-to-Connect (Quick Connect, QC) In/Out Ports for 3/8" Tubing

Common Applications for Aquatec Booster Pumps

  • RO Boost
  • Prefilter Water Treatment
  • Carbonation Systems
  • Misting Systems
  • Alteranative Energy/Solar
  • Medical Labwater
  • Laser Cooling Systems
  • Fuel Cells