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AQUALINE DI Filter Cartridge with Carbon for 10" Standard Housing

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AQUALINE Systematix Special Purpose Filters

Deionization Filter - DI Polishing Filter - For 10" Standard Filter Housing

Deionization Polishing Filter Cartridge

The DI-4 is a non-regenerable general-purpose deionization cartridge designed for use as an RO polisher for potable as well as laboratory grade water. The DI-4 has a carbon bed acting as a post filter to reduce TOC,taste, and odor. It is especially useful for polishing CA membrane RO water as it can remove free chlorine as well as CO2 gas.

The DI-4 is constructed totally from FDA grade materials and media. It can be used in recirculating mode or single pass. For best capacity, use two DI-4 cartridges in series.

 Downflow operation is preferred. Intermittent up-flow may cause bed separation and quality failure.  Continuous up-flow to exhaustion is acceptable.

DI-2 Deionization Filter Specifications


DI-4 Specifications

Model: DI-4

AQUALINE  (Systematix Chemical Engineers)
Size: 2.5" Diameter x 9.75" Length
For Housing For Filter Size: 10" Standard
Approximate Outside Dimensions of Housing: 4.5"OD x 11.4"L (Approx.)
O-Ring Color: Black

Semiconductor grade (low TOC) mixed bed ion exchange resin (1:1 equivalent ratio)
Post Filter:

20 micron spun-bonded polypropylene
Pre-Filter: 100 micron reticulated poly foam
Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
Capacity: 7500 ppm gallons for iron
pH Range: 0-14