Alkaline RO Membrane Cleaning Cartridge | 10" Big Blue Size | High pH Membrane Cleaner for Organics

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RO Membrane Cleaning Chemical Cartridges for Installation in 10" Big Blue Prefilter Housing
AM-22 Alkaline Membrane Cleaner for Organics Fouling & Biological Growth

Model Number: C-C4210-A22
Contains Cleaner: AM-22
Cleaner Type: Alkaline (High pH)
To Remove: Organics Fouling & Biological Growth
Nominal Size: 10" Big Blue
Cartridge Dimensions: 4.5" OD x 10"L
Fits Housing: 10 inch Big Blue (#10 BB) (Housing Outside Dimensions Approximately 7.5"OD x 12"L)
Brand:  Applied Membranes, Inc.

Specifications for RO Membrane Cleaning Cartridges How to Clean RO Membranes using Cleaning Cartridges

Applied Membranes cleaning cartridges are pre-filled with AMI’s specially formulated proprietary membrane cleaning chemicals for effective, fast and easy membrane cleaning. Simply exchange the pre-filter cartridge in your system with a new cleaning cartridge and run the system to flush the chemical into the membranes. Allow the solution to sit in the system overnight, then flush the chemicals to drain the next morning. We recommend a monthly cleaning to obtain optimum results.  

AM-22 Alkaline RO membrane cleaner is specifically formulated to clean biological growth (also known as organic fouling) from RO membranes. Organic Fouling can be identified by the following symptoms:

  • The RO Membrane will likely exhibit low permeate flow
  • Salt rejection will usually be as good if not better than original test
  • The membrane may have strong odor
  • Possible mold growth on the membrane scroll end

Membrane Cleaning Cartridge Benefits

  • Clean Membranes Without Removing them from Your System
  • Reduce System Downtime
  • Maintain Your Membrane System Performance at a Higher Level
  • Prolong Membrane Life by Regular Use of Cleaning Cartridge
  • Designed to Fit Standard and Big Blue Filter Housings in 10” & 20” Lengths

Membrane Cleaning Chemicals are blended at Applied Membranes ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facilities in Vista, CA USA