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Acid Membrane Cleaner | Removes Scale | 5lb Container | For RO Membrane Cleaning

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AMI Membrane Cleaning Chemicals Acid Membrane Cleaners & Alkaline Membrane Cleaners
Acid Membrane Cleaner for RO Membranes for Removal of Calcium Carbonate Scale Fouling

5 lb Pail of AM-11-5 Acid Cleaner for RO Membranes

In normal operation, the membrane sheet in reverse osmosis membrane elements can become fouled by suspended solids, microorganisms, and mineral scale.  AM-11 Acid RO membrane cleaner is specifically formulated to Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Scale, Hardness, Iron, Barium, Sulfate, and other scaling from RO membranes. 

Carbonate scale fouling can be identified by the following symptoms:

  • The RO Membrane will likely exhibit low permeate flow
  • The RO Membrane will likely exhibit low salt rejection
  • The membrane may feel heavier than normal

Regular cleaning of the membrane elements minimizes the loss of performance and extends membrane life.  Membrane elements should be cleaned whenever the normalized permeate water output rate drops by 10% from its initial flow rate (the flow rate established during the first 24 to 48 hours of operation), when salt passage in the product water increases over 5-10%, or when normalized pressure drop across the membrane increases by 10-15%.

AM-11-5 RO membrane acid cleaner is sold in powder form in a 1 gallon pail.  Chemical mixing instructions, membrane cleaning instructions, product specifications, and SDS/MSDS sheets are included with each container.  AM-11 is not considered DOT hazardous for shipping.

Applied Membranes, Inc. acid membrane cleaner is a result of over 35 years of hands-on experience of water quality engineers and chemists. WaterAnywhere offers technical expertise and assistance in troubleshooting and cleaning of RO membranes to give you an optimum system performance.


AM-11 Acid Cleaner

Part #: AM-11-5
Volume of Cleaner: 5 lbs
Chemical Name: AM-11
Brand:  AMI Chemicals
Cleaner Type: Acid
For Membrane: Thin Film RO
To Remove:

Mineral Scale, Hardness, Iron, Barium Sulfate, Etc.

AMI Membrane Cleaning Chemicals Acid Cleaner Membrane Cleaning Instructions for Acid Cleaner

AMI RO Membrane Cleaners are Simple to Use

1)  Mix the powdered concentrate with water according to the Membrane Cleaning Procedures (supplied with the product).
2)  Circulate the cleaning solution through the system for 20 minutes.
3)  Flush the system to rinse out the chemical before returning to service.

RO Membrane Cleaners - Acid and Alkaline Cleaning ChemicalsBenefits of Regular Use of AMI Acid and Alkaline Membrane Cleaners

  • Maintains system performance and product water quality at a higher level
  • Reduces Operating Costs by reducing energy requirements to reach required product flow
  • Reduces Maintenance costs by prolonging membrane life, and reducing strain on other components in the system

RO Membrane Cleaning Sequence:

It is recommended to start with the alkaline cleaning then follow with the acid cleaning after the system has been flushed.
1. Alkaline Cleaning - AM-22 (if required) 
3. Acid Cleaning - AM-11

Note: Acid cleaning may be performed alone, but alkaline cleanings should always be followed by an acid cleaning after the system has been flushed.